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Default Re: Physician Defaults?

If it helps any, here's what a certain upcoming supplement will have to say about Occultism:
Occultism is the study of folklore, legend, myth, and superstition – the fictions that mankind shares regarding the supernatural. A successful roll will tell you what people believe about any given monster – which doesn’t always line up with the truth! Still, this “shotgun” approach makes it a useful backup skill if you never studied up on a particular type of enemy.

Whenever you need to roll against Expert Skill (Psionics), Hidden Lore (any supernatural), Theology (any), or Thaumatology, for informational purposes, you may use Occultism instead. Your roll then takes the following additional modifiers:

Modifiers: No penalty for broad generalities or questions about cultural perceptions (“Do members of this religion believe in demons?”), -2 for concrete questions on a general topic (“Can demons drink alcohol?”), -4 for more focused questions (“What type of demon are we tracking?”), or -6 for specific questions (“What are Azabath’s particular weaknesses?”). If the roll is already penalized for dealing with an obscure topic, double that penalty.
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