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Default Re: Customer wishlists for e23?

Originally Posted by Rev. Pee Kitty View Post
Wishlists are on the list of "things we want to do, once the resources are available." There is no timeline or ETA on when said resources will be available, and thus on when wishlists will be implemented, though -- sorry!
I remember many years ago, when SJ Games had high ambitions for e23, and wanted to be the premier seller of RPG PDFs.

Now it's just an outlet for their own publications, and whatever few third-party products they are asked to sell. There's no ambition, and all feature requests from users are met with a "sorry, we have no programming manpower for anything at all".

In order to grow, you guys need to invest. Hire the freakin' manpower, and start launching cool features. You can't ride on the "but we're the good guys, because we don't do DRM"-credibility wave forever.
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