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Default My Pic on Wikipedia

A photograph of me was posted to the Wiki article on me on Wikipedia

Someone named "AmasaJoslin" (whoever that actually is) claims to be the holder of the copyright to this photograph.

I own the IP rights to this photograph. While I do not object to it being posted on the Wiki site, and am willing to allow it to be used under the terms of the Gnutella license noted there, I must insist that my ownership of the IP rights be noted. "AmasaJoslin" has given away something that is not his/hers to give.

If "AmasaJoslin" is on this board, or is known to anyone on this board, I ask that he/she get in contact with WikiPedia and make the appropriate corrections. Please spread this message to other boards in an attempt to get the news out.

Make this clear: I don't want to punish whoever uploaded the photo. I merely wish to have _my_ ownership of the IP rights acknowledged.

Thanks. This photo means a great deal to me, depicting as it does the fulfillment of one of my greatest wishes.
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