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Default Re: The 2011 e23 Releases and Speculation Thread

Upcoming GURPS Books (in rough order of probable release)

In Prepress
-GURPS Ultra-Tech: Weapon Tables (in prepress as of June 24th)
-Unknown RPK GURPS 4th edition conversion (probably unknown item in prepress as of June 24th; should show up "Real Soon Now" as of June GURPS News; edited draft submitted as of March 25th)

In Production
-GURPS Power-Ups 4 (by RPK; PDF being finalized as of December 2nd; has a section with title "Godlike Tricks")
-GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure: Mirror of the Fire Demon (by Matt Riggsby; PDF being finalized as of December 2nd; "involves demons, orcs, and treasure (and doesn't take place entirely in a dungeon)")

Rough PDF
-GURPS Power-Ups 5 (by Kromm; rough PDF reviewed as of November 25th; has a section with title "Open Your Eyes", "topic is so abstract that I'm having trouble writing art notes for it")
-GURPS After The End 1: Wastelanders (by Jason "PK" Levine; rough PDF reviewed as of November 25th; title given here; 8 templates (Doc, Hulk, Hunter, Nomad, Scavenger, Tech, Trader, Trooper; has Freakishness trait and Melee-Capable enhancement; long, detail-oriented templates)
-GURPS Locations: Hellsgate (by Matt Riggsby; author reviewing rough PDF as of December 2nd)

In Layout

-GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 15 (by Sean Punch and Peter Dell'Orto; edit complete as of December 9th

Final Draft
-Transhuman Space: Wings of the Rising Sun (by David Chart; final draft submitted as of October 28th)
-GURPS Locations: Worminghall (by Bill Stoddard; final draft submitted as of November 4th, "treatment of a school of wizardry—based on reading about medieval universities and medieval magic", includes "seeds that could grow into adventures, but also lots of characters with motives and relationships")
-Discworld Roleplaying Game (by Phil Masters; final draft being worked on as of November 11th)
-GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling (by Douglas Cole; playtest complete as of December 9th)

In Playtest/Peer Review
-GURPS Hot Spots: Constantinople, 527-1204 A.D. (by Matt Riggsby; in review as of September 23rd)

Non-final Draft
-GURPS Locations: Medieval Cathedral (by Michele Armellini; revised first draft submitted as of June 24th)
-GURPS Banestorm: Martial Arts (by David T. Moore; first draft being reviewed as of December 2nd)
-GURPS Vehicle Design (by David Pulver; being discussed by Kromm as of January 7th; major revised draft undergoing extensive playtest and multiple revisions as of December 30th, 2010; final draft in early 2011 probable)
-GURPS Loadouts: Low-Tech Armor (by Dan Howard; first draft submitted as of July 8th)
-Hans-Christian Vortisch "future work" (first draft submitted as of December 2nd, may be High-Tech: Adventure Guns)

Pre-First Draft
-Warren Wilson project ("saw forward progress" the week of June 18th, 2010)
-GURPS Madness Dossier (by Ken Hite; outline almost agreed on as of November 11th; subject leaked here; being worked on as of January 5th)
-GURPS After The End 2: The New World (by Jason "PK" Levine; being written as of December 9th; title given here)
-GURPS Girl Genius ("being actively worked on" as of July 19th, 2010; "even a guess" at a release date wouldn't be feasible)
-GURPS Bestiary (March 19th, 2010: "the wheel turned another few degrees on GURPS Bestiary this week. It isn't just parked"; made more progress on 4/30/10)

That's 23 *FNORD* possible future releases that have been discussed thus far, though there may be some duplicates on the list.

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