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Default Re: Munchkin d6 rule ideas

The Munchkin D6 die can be used to modify "usable once only" cards to be "Usable Twice or Thrice"

After selecting a "usable once only" card to be modified, roll the Munchkin D6. A roll of 1-3 ADDS one use, 4-6 ADDS two uses. After the roll, the die can be used as a counter for the card that is now modified.

Each D6 die has ONE use per game. If the modified card is lost, discarded, or stolen, the Munchkin D6 DOES NOT go with the card and is considered "used".

An unused Munchkin D6 can be traded, but not stolen. One die per person per start of game. It is possible to acquire more from other players during game play through trade or barter (ie - helping in combat).
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