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Default Re: Munchkin d6 rule ideas

You must declare you have the Munchkin D6's before the game begins.

When you are in combat on your turn, you may roll enough Munchkin D6's for the total number of player in the game. (4 players roll one die, 8 players roll two dice.) Starting with the player on your left count off the total number rolled. If the number rolled is greater than the number of players, just continue around the table again. (Roll a 5 in a 4 player game, this would be the person on your left. Roll a 12 in an 8 player game, this would be the fourth player from your left.) This player is now the main person in the combat against the monster, and the combat proceeds under normal rules. At the end of this combat, play resumes in the original order.

Usable only once.
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