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Default Munchkin in hungarian

Hi! (second post today!, I'm on a roll!)
We play munchkin in english original, but there are one or two members of our group who played it in hungarian (mainly original munchkin 1) before, and we always had a disagreement about the "will not pursue below level 3" line on some monsters.
I always took it that I can fight it, but if I run away it will not pursue me (and I seem to recall an official ruling around here that I was right)
Then, once I got invited to an other party, who play with Hungarian munchkin, and that line read "will not fight below level 3" (reverse translation), and I was going "aha!" on them and they thought I was crazy :)
So I just wanted to ask, what happens with the policy about "it says everything on the card", when it says different things?
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