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Default Re: Munchkin d6 rule ideas

Each player begins the game with one Munchkin d6. As these dice will be returned to the owner at the end of the game, it will be easier to simply use one set of Muchkin d6s and return them all to their owner.

The Munchkin d6 is a small item worth 500 gold. It can be sold, stolen, traded, or lost to Curses, Traps, and other Bad Stuff normally.

It can be used in the game as a Loaded Die, in which case it goes out of play and is returned to the owner (note that he cannot use it during the game normally).

It can be used in the game as a Reloaded Die, in which case it goes to the player whose die roll you altered.

Feline Intervention may be played to return a Munchkin D6 which is gone out of play back into play (as the cat bats the die out of the box and back into play). Place it in front of you with your other items, and discard Feline Intervention. Feline Intervention does not have its normal effects when used in this manner.

Divine Intervention can be used to remove all Munchkin d6s from play (God does not play at dice!). When used in this way, Divine Intervention has no other effects, and is discarded after use.
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