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Originally Posted by KDLadage
Is there any chance that the Pyramid Message Boards will move to a format like this one? As a user of the web interface, I find that these style message boards are much easier to navigate and more user friendly.
Not in the foreseeable future. There are technical reasons and fan-related reasons.

On the technical side, while making restricted access forums is easy, getting the access list from a magazine subscription list is not so easy, and importing an NNTP message store into forum software is not "practical."

It seems everyone has an opinion about what interface they prefer, and while nine out of ten forum users prefer the forum interface, the same can be said for NNTP, etc. We don't have any plans to cancel the Pyramid NNTP groups, or for that matter the public NNTP groups like rec.frp.gurps, just because we started these forums. We'll let our fans use the interface they prefer to use to discuss our games - at least as long as they're civilized about it. :)
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