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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy--TL8!?!

Originally Posted by NorphTehDwarf View Post
I'm imagining some kind of crossover DF/Action game in which players are some kind of paranormal swat team. They'd work for a government bureau/secret conspiracy/secret Inquistorial sect/the Cabal, and their organization would interested in keeping things that go bump in the night contained, but would not necessarily be out to destroy the non-mundane because of its freakiness. How well would the DF/Action templates work with each other?
The big question to ask is, "Can the PCs just call in help from someone bigger and badder if they get in over their heads?" IMO, if the answer is "yes," you may find that they do that a lot. (Something about "self preservation.") So I'd recommend taking an approach similar to the old GURPS Black Ops -- make the characters even more larger-than-life than their DF or Action counterparts. By making them the select few who can handle this sort of thing, it means that the responsibility for it weighs directly on their shoulders. They can't call in the cavalry because they are the cavalry!

Part of this is making the monsters pretty damn scary. Make them powerful enough that calling in the local SWAT team, or even the local National Guard reserve, is just as likely to get the poor cops/soldiers killed. Now you've got a situation where the heroes have a reason to keep the Big Secret and have justification for why they're the ones who keep getting sent to clear out vampire nests, etc.

As for the templates themselves, there are so many kinds of monster hunters in fiction. Since "cool stuff that you can do" tends to cost the most points in GURPS, it arguably makes the most sense to split 'em up based on that -- you can have The Gunslinger, The Reformed Vampire, The Psi, etc. So you can do these as dedicated templates, or (to save time), you could start with the GURPS Action templates, then come up with some 100- or 150-point lenses that beef 'em up severely. Maybe one lens just adds a ton of ST, DX, HT, some DR (Tough Skin), and modest Regeneration, as a "Slayer Power-Up". Another might add a Reformed Vampire racial template. Another could add magic. And so on. (Personally, I think it'll capture the feel better to start from scratch and design 'em from the ground up to fit the genre -- after all, GURPS Action is completely *not* about the supernatural -- but that does take more work.)

Originally Posted by Turhan's Bey Company View Post
RPK has been teasing a series he's working on which sounds a lot like what you're describing.
Hmm . . . yeah, it does kinda sounds like that, doesn't it? Odd. Well, at this moment, I can neither confirm nor deny that anything I said above is descriptive of GURPS Mon-- er, "Project M."

Originally Posted by hari View Post
"Mix 2 c. Dungeon Fantasy, 2 c. Action, 2 c. Black Ops, 1 c. Voodoo, 1 c. Powers, and 2 tsp. Psionics into 1 qt. Horror:"
Well darn -- I honestly just noticed that I left off "2-1/2 c. Thaumatology," an important part of the recipe! Considering that a whole chapter is devoted to the new <FNORD> system, that's a heck of an oversight . . . my bad!
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