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Default Re: Munchkin d6 rule ideas

Personally, I'd just give them a simple bonus -- something good, but risky. I don't like anything you pay money for giving you a massive advantage -- save that for stuff like the bookmarks which you have to destroy.

Munchkin d6:

(The term "dice" is used here exclusively to refer to the Munchkin d6 dice.)

You may start the game with up to six dice. During any combat in which you are the active player or helper, you may discard one card to roll as many of these dice as you want. Every Munchkin Head showing is worth +6 to this combat; discard the rolled dice afterward. If you don't get the result you like and you have more dice remaining, you may discard another card to roll more dice.

(Thus, you have to decide if you want to go for broke with all six, or just roll a few at a time. And you have a very real chance of rolling nothing whatsoever, but if you roll all six, probability favors you getting a +6 bonus. Loaded/Reloaded Die works normally, of course, but only on one at a time.)
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