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Default Re: Munchkin d6 rule ideas

Since a specially coloured Munchkin D6 will be included in every set….
  • A Munchkin D6 does not have powers if its core set is in the game. It only has powers when used with a different set.
  • Each Munchkin D6 can only be used once per game and you can only use ONE Munchkin D6 in a game.
  • You cannot use a Munchkin D6 in a combat where you would gain the winning level.

MunchkinLucky Die. Place the D6 on an item you own, any time you might involuntarily lose the item, such as by Curses or Bad Stuff, roll the D6, on a roll of 5 or 6 you keep the item.
Star MunchkinDie of Warp Speed When you roll to run away you can include your Star Munchkin D6 with the other die, take the better of the two rolls.
Munchkin FuDie of Martial Prowess. In combat, roll the die; the result is a bonus to the munchkins side.
Munchkin BitesDie of Domination. When in a combat you are losing and you do not have a helper already, select another player. You each roll, if you get the high roll they must help for free.
Super MunchkinDie of Heroic Resurrection. Roll this die if you die. On a 5 or 6 you don’t.
Munchkin ImpossibleDie of Impossible Escape. After a failed roll to run away you may use this die to roll again. On a 5 or 6 you escape.
Munchkin CthuluDie of Darkness. In any combat roll the die, the number shown is a bonus to the monsters side.
The Good, The Bad and the MunchkinDie of the Old Western Shoot Out. While in Combat select a monster you are facing and another player, you each roll. If you get the high roll, the monster is killed.
Munchkin BootyDie of Buried Treasure. After you have died and just before drawing your new cards roll the die, draw that many extra treasures.
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