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Default Q-Workshop - Munchkin Dice of Protection

We got to love dice in Munchkin, especially when they give bonus of course...
I though rather then posting about one and one item from,
that it was about time to give them their own tread where we can post new updated items (and if not then this about the Munchkin Dice of Protection).
Click here for the Munchkin selection at

I did not know of the Wicked Munchkin Die- Holiday Edition (even if I have an original Wicked(that sounded strange some how) Munchkin Die)
and I have the Munchkin Cthulhu Dice of Doom as well...

But to my pleasant surprise I found the Munchkin Dice of Protection at my local dealer(game shop), and upon giving away money I somehow got it in my possession
"It will keep those peaky thieves from stealing an item from the start and also a chance of escape automatically, with a price that is" -my words
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