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Originally Posted by Chad Cloman View Post
I've heard of three new Munchkin promo cards:
Then you're missing a few: Made in Hong Kong for Fu; Monstrous Heritage and Research Assistant from the Cursed Demo that have been tweaked and issued separately; and Annihilation for MQ. (Plus the Portal Kombat promo card that will be out toward the end of the year.) (Oh, and Step-and-a-Half and Mug the Shopkeeper are back.)

Originally Posted by Chad Cloman View Post
For those like myself who don't make it to the big conventions and don't have a local MIB, how can we get copies?
I would stay away from eBay unless you're independently wealthy and just burning to get a specific card (or we're placing lots of our own up for sale, which we've done before). You can place a W23 order and get whatever they're passing out at the moment. Otherwise, your best bet is to wait until we offer a "promo pack" or ask someone who IS going to conventions to snag you some copies.
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