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Hello, all.

I'm looking for players in a GURPS Prime Directive game. It is set in year 160 in the Neutral Zone bordering Klingon and Federation space. The Klingons are not currently at war with the Federation-- they are busy with the Kzintis and Hydrans right now-- but they have recently transferred technology to the Romulans, forcing the Federation to transfer ships from the Klingon border to the Romulan border. (This is more-or-less at the time of the original series... about the time of the Enterprise's 4th year of her five year mission, I think.)

Characters start with 150 points and are at TL 10... also, they must be struggling, poor, or dead broke. The adventure begins with the characters having a distinctive tilt towards the rogue end of the spectrum.

So far, one character has played out an opening scene. We'd like a couple more players, though!

We are playing here at the moment.

Right now I'm sticking with the 4e Basic Set and GURPS Klingons. Players do not need to be experts and are only required to have the free GURPS Lite to play.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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