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Default Re: Loren Wiseman recovering

posted by Andrew Boulton, admin at CotI:
Originally Posted by Andrew Boulton
As you may (or may not) know, Loren Wiseman, stalwart of the Traveller canon, hard worker at GDW and at Steve Jackson Games, free lancer, and all round nice guy, recently had a heart attack and faces another heart attack because of his medical bills (as well as the expenses of living as he recovers).

We invite you to help him out and we'll throw in our own perk in support of it. We have a supply of the QLI/FFE Classic Traveller reprint of Books 1-2-3, in one volume, digest-size. Send in $12 ($15 for outside the US) by paypal to (and just say Loren Wiseman) and we'll send this out to you. These will ship Media Mail in the USA; First Class Parcel International outside the US.

Marc is sensitive about truth-in-fundraising, so he says specifically, $10 per book will go to Loren Wiseman. Loren will use this perhaps for medical bills; perhaps for expenses, but we'll respect his choices; we're just trying to help. Marc will apply the excess from shipping on some orders to make up extra on others. If there is an overall shortfall on shipping, he will make it up himself.

But wait, there's more: we also have a limited number of copies signed by Marc. These cost $22 ($25 for outside the US), with $20 per book going to Loren. Order these just like the unsigned copies.
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