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Originally Posted by malloyd View Post

Incidentally I've found that ruling that WM includes Unluckiness, that is explicitly stating that it will result in you being automatically screwed over once a session, but in a weird way, as per the Unluckiness disadvantage, has pretty firmly moved it back into the serious disadvantage category and not the free points I have to ban to discourage everybody from taking it that it used to be. It probably should always have been played like that, but adding the slightly harder rule of Unluckiness to the description clarifies it a lot.
I'm not sure I'd rule it that way . . . the "spirit" of the disadvantage isn't that you're more prone to failure and misfortune, but that odd things just seem to find you. While usually not good for you, this isn't the same as being less lucky at life. My own game-mechanical enforcement is that any entity in the setting that's regarded as cryptic, mythic, paranormal, strange, supernatural, unconfirmed – you know, weird – gets +5 on all rolls to locate you (senses, spells, the lot), and you have -5 on all rolls to avoid location vs. same (Camouflage, Stealth, False Aura, whatever). Reaction rolls from same are modified by five in whatever direction leads to nosiness and intervention. I enforce this only in noncombat situations. This leads to things like old Gypsy women whose powers don't work due to low mana (-5) having no trouble divining your location, visiting aliens noticing you from orbit, and talking dogs deciding they like you and following you around.
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