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Default Highway Cowboys - CW fan fic in progress


The year is 2041 and fortress towns jealously guard vast algae farms. Between the lone bastions of civilization are the burning wastes. The new frontier of danger, excitement, and riches is home to...the highway cowboys.
Their steel mounts are souped up cars and semi-trucks loaded with an array of machine guns, missile launchers, and flaming oil. Whether looting and pillaging or defending the meek, their driving exploits are loved by all.

Our tale focuses on the adventures of three heroes of the road:
Sunny Miller, a skilled up-and-coming autoduelist with a quick smile and quicker trigger finger. Will his experience in the muddy derby pits help him survive the untamed highways?
Worn out and beaten down by the world, Preacher Pike is a man on the edge. Having replaced faith in the good book with faith in a good gun has kept him alive this long. Will his suicidal tendencies finally catch up to him?
The lovely Sassy Sass, a working girl with a heart of gold. Driving passengers between towns in her armored taxi pays the bills, and couriering illegal drugs keeps her in the lap of luxury.

When a critical job to carry a package across America drags these unlikely and unwilling companions together, an explosive rush of high octane excitement follows!


I don't know how many of you are familiar with National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo), but it's an event in November where anyone can try to write 50,000 words on any topic they want. Me and some friends did this last year, but got the writing itch again in the heart of summer. So we've decided to do a western themed event called Westwrimo for the month of August.

In my case I knew instantly that I wanted to explore the Car Wars universe with some fan fiction, titled Highway Cowboys. So I wrote the pulp sounding synopsis above and went to work. I try to write between 1,000 and 3,000 words a day, and you can see the story so far here: Highway Cowboys story.

I've never written fan fiction before (and don't really like the term, haha). So far I've tried to inject a relatively accurate depiction of the Car Wars timeline (from the 2.5 Compendium), weapons, and action. I'm 10k words in (as of the August 3rd), and already I'm having a blast writing a lighter, less serious style like this is.

If anyone knows of other Car Wars fiction kicking around I'd love to hear it. I've read the ADQs, and I know there were some kind of official choose-your-own-adventure books way back when, but unfortunately that kind of thing is hard to get a hold of now days.

Anyways feedback and critique is welcome!

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