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Default Re: Standard deviation on Stat distribution?

Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
Well the fundamental problem here is what population are we talking about?
If you read the page, you can confirm that the groups are humans and normal humans, as I wrote, but that's not espcially important. Statistics can be applied to a particular population, even a specific population of actual people, but it is not required for the statistical statements and operations to be valid.

It would analogous to the difference between a word problem or story problem ("Alice has five apples and gives two to Bill. How many apples does Alice have left?") and an abstract exercise ("5-2=?") in arithmetic; both solutions involve a quantity of [three], despite there being no particular Alice or Bill, or even any apples, and the story problem sitting atop a pile of assumptions like apples being accurately modeled as discrete units, having a useful duration longer than the implied timeframe of the exchange, being able to be measured reliably in a short time relative to their further exchange for other goods and services, etc.
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