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Default Re: Standard deviation on Stat distribution?

David Johnston does bring up an important point. In a time travel game, you could easily say: Humans from the 20th century have +1 HT (or it's opposite, since we are not resistant).

But, I also agree that within a specific game setting GURPS attributes can be used to determine average. However, I don't go as far as assigning stand deviation and such (Yay, Humanities!). All I use it for is to baseline mooks and NPCs, and to satisfy my "stat-normalization bug" with statements like: "The universe is more likely to provide a scientist with IQ 11 and Talent than with IQ 15"*

But I digress. Basically, I think what's being said is that statistics, while being used in a game, ought not reflect realism but the tone, scope, and mood of the game. But Kromm said this more eloquently than I, anyway.

*I know this statement is meaningless to gaming or anything. Is usually followed my a smug "mwuck mwuck mwuck".
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