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Default Re: Standard deviation on Stat distribution?

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Canonically, the game system attaches no statistical meaning to attribute scores beyond your odds of success when you try to roll under them on 3d. Within the population of the game world, these scores are dramatic descriptors only. In some campaigns, any score under 12 makes you a putz among adventurers, who are off on their own little curve separate from the rest of the universe. In others, everybody is a horror victim with scores in the 9-11 range. Both could take place in the same world . . .
I'll be the first to agree that adventurers are not a representative sample of humanity, but I don't see how it is supportable to disclaim the statistical meaning of the canonical statements that a score of 10 represents the human average and that most normal humans have scores in the 8-12 range without also discarding their meanings as commonly understood by non-statisticians.

Once the authors assign abstract quantities to represent individual qualities and make statements about how common they are among a group of such individuals, how are they not practicing statistics?
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