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At this time, there is not a clear and complete resolution to the question of what happens if a Helper joins in a combat, but the main munchkin escapes from the room before combat is rolled and the helper is not able to do likewise. (For details and current status, see this thread.) Here are two house rule options.

1. If you want to be considerate of the Helper and not leave them in the lurch, a house rule would be to revise the rules on p. 8 to read:

"If all the monsters are removed from the room, or the main munchkin is removed, the combat is over."
Then return "use once" cards to their owners (except monster enhancements).

2. If you want to make agreeing to be a Helper more risky*, but still allow opportunity for compensating reward, an alternate would be to treat the remaining Helper as though they are (for the purposes of this combat only) the main munchkin. Allow cards to be played as usual, with resolution by a combat die roll as usual, and further consequences of win or loss as usual, but with benefits going to the munchkin that remained, including going up a level and receiving treasure if they can win. (Your option on whether your house rule allows them to ask for their own Helper.)

In either of these treatments, after the combat has ended the original main player's turn proceeds as normal, though depending on how they magically escaped the combat, they may or may not have any Move tokens remaining.

*p.s. If you are playing by the second house rule, it is possible that the original main munchkin might use an offer of being a Helper as a way to trap the Helper into a battle with a monster that he or others could then enhance to more dangerous levels. But a player who did this might not as easily find a Helper later in a future time of need.

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