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Players control their Monsters' Movement. Each Monster Movement turn, each player may choose to move a monster of their own color 1 space. This completely eliminates the annoying "monster mobs" and anti-social monsters who stay in one room the whole game. It makes the dungeon feel more dynamic and dangerous (because it is!!) It was hilarious running from my friend's Plutonium Dragon. Try it!
it is also hilarious watching someone run from a monster mob. When my monster mob (stands were my colour) were in room next to me and included big monsters I used my movement to search for rooms I want use and put down a confined space that big monsters can't enter. In the end I faced one monster and won while weakening the mob.

Two games we have played went so quick (only two players got two turns) and the third game one person just happened to get plenty of items and we couldn't do anything to stop them. At least we all had four or five turns.
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