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Default Re: Why does UT concealable armor suck?

Originally Posted by blacksmith View Post
The best TL 10 concealable armor has a DR of 18/6 with the 18 only against pi and cut while the best tl8 concealable armor is 35/5 with the 5 being only against crushing attacks. So what gives?

Why does armor in the future suck so much, or at least be unable to be concealed?
...I'm dubious about the truth of this charge, I don't think you can get 10d DR in concealable. Not everything flexible is concealable! Will check my books when I get to them...
Originally Posted by blacksmith View Post
Also it seems that the electromagnetic version of guns is not better than the ECT version with APEP ammo. Maybe for a couple like the Gauss Shotgun and pistol shotgun, but say for the anti material rifles, the ECT version does better damage.
...Is ECT maybe ElectroThermalChemical?

Yeah. EM weapons aren't good because they're more powerful than advanced chemical slugthrowers, for the most part. Their main selling point seems to be high capacity and cheap ammo. Not bleeding edge performance. If you want a gun for hunting battlesuit, you may want one that smokes after firing.
I don't know any 3e, so there is no chance that I am talking about 3e rules by accident.
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