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1. Consider not giving a DxM card for defeating or helping to defeat one of "your" (same base color) monsters.

2. Consider not giving a DxM card every time your color comes up on a Monster Die roll.

3. If you adopt both #1 and #2, then as a side benefit, you also usually don't need to bother rolling for a newly discovered monster's base color unless and until it is determined that it will survive the initial room exploration combat. (Exception: a munchkin in the initial combat has cards with special combat effects by monster color.)

[Note: DxM is still given as usual at the beginning of each turn and for exploring a new room.]

4. If you start munchkins at a level higher than level one, consider giving everyone 3 + Starting Level initial starting Treasure cards rather than just 4 (e.g. 5 for starting at level 2, 6 if starting at level 3, etc.).


For every level a munchkin is advanced without also receiving Treasure (e.g. by defeating a monster), that munchkin is on average somewhat weaker then they would have been had they earned those levels. From painful experience I have observed this can become more evident when it comes to the boss fight, and especially if the other players have been receiving DxM cards at the very generous standard rates. Once players realize that a defeat for the other player in a boss fight costs your opponent an extra level in addition to all other usual combat losses for other combats, then trying to finish the game with a weak munchkin offense against strongly enhanced boss defenses can become a long, grueling proposition -- generally not so much fun anymore, as well as making the finish drag on.

By adjusted starting treasure according to starting level, this seeks to stay closer to the normal advancement strength. The restrained DxM handouts seek to avoid making the defensive plays against other players too overwhelming, which can lead to slow, drawn out end games.

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