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Default Re: Munchkin in Spanish: how good is it?

Originally Posted by nekrasz View Post
Yeah I know, I'm just saying that my experience with non-English Munchkin has been generally positive and that the jokes can be funny in other languages.
That's what I meant with "encouraging": that it is in fact possible to translate Munchkin and keep it funny. Cool.

Originally Posted by Koto View Post
The Munchkin Spanish games are based on the first printings of each game, so if those printings aren't very clear, the spanish one wouldn't either.
Do you mean that the rules are not 100% clear? No problem, the main objective is to make them read/speak Spanish as much as possible, so if there is a rules question, loudly arguing over it (and boy, does this group love loud arguments) is actually part of the class ;-)

The jokes are different, and maybe you didn't get it if you don't live here, but I find it very funny.
Good to know. I'm actually from Bilbao, so no problems with getting them, but do you think the jokes would be too local for non-Spaniards?

Games avaliable: Munchkin 1~7, Star Munchkin 1&2, Super Munchkin, Munchkin Cthuluh
Cool. I'd start with Munchkin and maybe Star or Super Munchkin. ¡Gracias Koto!

Great feedback so far, guys. Keep it coming!

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