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Originally Posted by Nerftw View Post
Also, it's probably best to use whatever the card you have says. Otherwise you'll just confuse yourself.

There is an expansion you can order now called Go Up A Level that has the updated class and race cards for all flavors of Munchkin, plus other cards that were changed. (You can see those in the Change Log)

I'd personally suggest not using the new class abilities until you buy that, so you have the exact text on the card in front of you.
This doesn't change the fact that the rewrite of the Cleric only clarifies what was intended on the original Cleric, and ruled here anyway, so that ruling stands, regardless of which printing of the Cleric you use.

Originally Posted by RevBob View Post
You seem to have overlooked a key element. The Cleric doesn't get to pick and choose cards out of the discards - he gets the top X cards, and X is limited both by the number of cards in the Cleric's hand and the number of cards he's eligible to draw face-up.

As for which discard pile - whichever one matches the cards he's supposed to draw face-up. So if he had help in a combat and the monsters were worth 5 treasures but the Cleric only has two cards in his hand, the Cleric can discard both cards to resurrect the top two treasure discards (or one to resurrect one, or none to ignore the ability), then he'd draw the rest as normal: face-up from the treasure deck.
The key thing to infer here is that a Cleric with one card in his hand before he is supposed to draw can only resurrect one card, while a Cleric with 10 (yes, you can have 10; for those who are about to ask about the hand limit of 5 cards, that only matters at the end of your turn, when Charity is supposed to occur; during the rest of the time, you could have 100 cards in your hand, and it wouldn't matter), can resurrect up to the number of cards he is drawing or 10, whichever is lower. You can not use the cards drawn as part of the discards to power the resurrections.

So, no - not especially broken at all.
Nope. Not at all.
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