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Pope Uncommon the Dainty 08-24-2021 12:40 PM

What would you play in this campaign?
I just had a campaign idea:

Love Island (UK) is a joint project between Andrealphus, Nybbas, and Saminga ~ they've had a rash of suicides and deaths related to being on the show. Sure, Marc has an angel in the TV industry trying to compete the demonic show out of existence in the ratings, and Dominic has an angel in the law courts trying to curtail the abilities of the demons behind the show to do their thing.

But more important are the individual contestants. The angelic PCs have been given Roles designed to help them infiltrate the show to help the humans. There might be a demon PC trying to stop them, or an Ethereal PC born from the dreams of a contestant, or the flourishes of the marketing/branding, or one of the old gods (Eros, Amaterasu, Inanna, Sedna.....).

Out of sheer curiosity: what character would you play if you were to play in such a campaign?

johndallman 08-26-2021 03:28 AM

Re: What would you play in this campaign?
The one who would be easy to play would be a retread of an existing character: a Mercusrian of the Sword with a very solid role as the production's medical adviser. They're going to have an on-site doctor, on safety grounds, and the doctor gets to talk to everyone, and say "nay" to a few things. To oppose the doctor, demons have to act like human idiots, or break cover.

However, my sole previous experience of an RPG based on "reality TV" ended with me walking out, for the only time in 42 years of gaming, so this would not be my choice of game.

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