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ColBosch 12-29-2017 05:09 PM

Help! I Need Pictures!
If anyone has pictures of the 1980s Steve Jackson Games and/or Grenadier casts (which should be identical) of the Mk V Ogre, could you please post links or PM me? I really need pictures of the miniatures assembled, at least from the side.

Thank you!

CON_Troll 12-29-2017 08:40 PM

Re: Help! I Need Pictures!
Do any of these help? Warning: Photo Bucket is being incredibly obnoxious with it's ads these days. Make sure you have a decent ad or script blocker running.

I believe they're all SJG. The 3rd and 4th ones are painted by John Douma.

ColBosch 12-29-2017 09:16 PM

Re: Help! I Need Pictures!
I really need pics of a verified 1982 Steve Jackson Games sculpt. I know it's similar to the 1993 Ral Partha and 2000 SJ Games sculpt, but I need to check some details. But thank you, regardless! Always nice to see more cybertanks.

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