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Plane 10-25-2018 09:25 AM

A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red
In response to Eric's confirmation

Since you're "eric the red", for simplicity I'm going to assign you as "Zach Red" from one of the scenarios. Feel free to pick any of them you like, just link so you know his stats. I'll start with Arthur Green from the 1st Close Combat example where he's a boxer

I'd like to try out some of Doug Cole's add-ons... Control Points from Technical Grappling an Action Points from "The Last Gasp" in Pyramid 3/44 if you have access to either. If not, then basic rules (with Martial Arts options if available) are fine, can always try them later if anyone else has them.

Custom characters are fine too if you want to stat them, or link to any in the books, including monsters. I just want to play someone I don't care about killing off so I'm borrowing Mook's AG for now.

Basic Speed 6 / DX 12, can you beat that to go first? We start in different but adjacent hexes facing each other.

ericthered 10-25-2018 10:54 AM

Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red
Starting with Zach Red is fine. I'll use the same page as you to start with.

Same speed, lower DX.

We start out 1 yard apart, but with three seconds before anyone can act? I assume that means we each either start with 3 evaluates or with a wait. Or do we start with no surprise and no actions?

And I assume this is an infinite featureless plain?

Rules references:
Last Gasp AP acceleration tweak

Plane 10-25-2018 11:02 AM

Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red
My ArthurGreen has DX 12, your ZachRed has DX 14 so you go first RAW, like in the example. Or we could add some random element as a house rule like "all parties roll 1d and add to Basic Speed to determine initiative" at the start of each new turn if we wanted some kind of surprise aspect to see who acts when.

Infinite featureless plain, yes, though we could experiment with platforms or cliff to oblivion (like SSB final destination) later.

3 second delay is only for new (3rd+) arrivals, not the first two to avoid problems like "I appear behind him and backstab him" happening randomly. The delay is for the existing fighters to react, I would say the new arrival is in stasis during those 3 seconds except perhaps allowing them to evaluate, I don't want anything like a mage building some 9d6 fireball while immune to attack on a cloud, since in SSB you cannot charge attacks while on the cloud.

ericthered 10-25-2018 11:29 AM

Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red
Do you have a solid online dice roller we can use? Most of the time I just roll and trust players/GM on this forum, but arena is a special beast. I used to use invisible castle for this forum, but that site is dead now.

Plane 10-26-2018 09:17 AM

Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red
Hadn't really thought of that, I guess it is easier in chatrooms when you have a bot which can impartially spit it out for you in realtime, but when it's us making the posts I guess we should find a place to log the rolls to cite... Does RPOL which you linked at have something like that?

ericthered 10-26-2018 11:10 AM

Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red
Yes, it has a page named "dice roller" for each game. the link is in the upper left.

ericthered 10-26-2018 11:24 AM

Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red
Found a half-decent dice roller site:

It will require you to register an email, tell me that email, and for me to add that email, but then we can roll and track things just fine.

Plane 10-31-2018 10:36 AM

Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red
I registered as under room 282

At the bottom is "Manage the players subscription to the dice log and other parameters." but I haven't quite figured out how to send invites. Can you send a request based on this?

ericthered 11-05-2018 07:37 AM

Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red
Using room 282:


[4] 18-11-05 15:36:02 CET -
Brawling 16 -4 (deceptive) attack to the torso vs 12
3d6 <= 12
1 + 2 + 2 = 5 ... success

[5] 18-11-05 15:36:44 CET -
punch damage (if hit)
1d6 -2
2 - 2 = 0

Red flicks out a punch, but he's unable to put enough power behind it to deal damage.

Plane 11-05-2018 10:41 PM

Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red
(just to clarify, I think you took a normal Attack maneuver and used your Step to close into range C)

I rolled 8 for a successful parry (in future might want to wait to roll damage, could influence decisions like whether to use Extra Effort in Combat)

If we were using Action Points you would be down to 9/10 and I'd be down to 11/12.

I choose a Committed Attack maneuver for +2 to skill (14 becomes 16) and spend 1 FP on Mighty Blows for +2 to damage.

I choose to target a Random Hit Location.

Rolled 11, a success. Do you defend? (I'm not sure if I roll hit location before or after you decide whether to defend, come to think of it, you can roll RHL if you wish, if it must come first)

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