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Mark Skarr 04-14-2019 04:57 PM

Re: Memorable Quotes.
Shaman/Grandpa: “You can’t keep these here; it makes the spirits angry.”
Teo: “Where can I keep them?”
Shaman/Grandpa: “The fires of Mount Doom come to mind.”


GM: “The fire department is there, looking at the smoldering remains of a house.”
Teo: “Do I know who lived here?”
GM: “Missing by four, no.”
Mike (OOC): “Missing by four, you’re not sure it was a house. It could have been an abode, or a bungalow.”
GM (OOC): “Possibly a really aggressive barbeque pit.”


Angel: “She’s having that panicked getting dressed moment, where you can’t get your pants on.”
Teo: “Pants go on your legs.”
Mike (OOC): “Or your lekku, if you’re a cold Twi’lek.”


Angel (OOC): “I’d like to think that his name is ‘Hunk Jarman.’”
Mike (OOC): “It’s ‘Mike Lewis.’ I’m not naming him ‘Hunk Jarman.’”


Teo (OOC): “Whatever sprinkles your donut.”


Librarian: “Maybe things happen for a reason.”
Mike: “Due to ‘cause and effect,’ yeah.”
Teo (OOC): “Smart [butt].”
GM (OOC): “He’s not as smart as he thinks he is.”
Mike (OOC): “His [butt] has a doctorate; he does not.”


Teo: “I’ve got three things, about this big, that I need to get rid of so they won’t come back to haunt me.”
Mike (OOC): “Literally.”
Teo: “It’s not a body, I promise!”


Juno: “What do you want, Ursula?”
Ursula: “How did you know?! What did I do wrong?”
Juno: “You mean other than the smell?”
Ursula: “It’s patchouli! It’s a popular fragrance.”
Mike (OOC): “Ugh!”
Ursula (OOC): “I know.”


Angel (OOC): “Just an evil thought-we should invite Ursula in and stick her with the bill.”

L.J.Steele 04-14-2019 06:45 PM

Re: Memorable Quotes.
The PCs discovered an secret underground level in the complex they were visiting, likely the hidden library of the despotic queen defeated by the last campaign.

[Brei] [amused] A dungeon? I heard my great-grandfather did dungeon crawls?

[Felger] Does that make us murder-hobos?

[Drake (a Space Marine)] [indignant] I'm not a hobo -- I have a home.

[Brie] You live in your cyber suit, man.

[Drake] I get a salary. I'm a murder-professional.

L.J.Steele 04-28-2019 05:52 PM

Re: Memorable Quotes.
PCs investigating their mad doctor rival's newest robotic creation -- 6 lb realistic robot rats.

Wildside: No, they're woe-dents

GM: To be fair, they look like rats, people don't pay much attention to rats.

Gateway: To 5 lb giant rats? Yes, they do. This isn't New York!

Later the PCs need to investigate an underwater canyon.

Diamond Jack: We should build ourselves a boat for this kind of thing. Perhaps a woe-boat.

MetalFella: "It the internet. How do we know Simeon [Templar's] new online friends are *real* sentient Korean monkeys?"

Towards the end of the game, speculation about the mad doc's woes garden.

Mark Skarr 05-12-2019 11:40 AM

Re: Memorable Quotes.
Stephanie: (sincerely) "Well, millions of people say this on the internet. They can't be wrong, can they?"
GM: (uncontrollable laughter)


Shadowblaze: “How are you ‘reinforcements’? You’re a teen-aged girl!”
Rachel: (Summons a horde of sixteen pint-sized combat robots.)
Shadowblaze: “I see.”


Shadowblaze: “That’s a whole lot of diddly.”


Storm Raven: “Hello.”
Shadowblaze and Rachel (OOC): “AAAAH! A freaky bird-person!”


Rachel: “I wonder what’s down this hallway?”
Storm Raven: “Hmm, more Arachnos—who’da guessed?


Shadowblaze: “Why do I have to be in front?”
Rachel: “Because you [complain] too much when the bot’s are in your way.”


Shadowblaze: “Holy [poop]! Ninjas!”
Rachel: (deadpan) “Holy [poop]. Robots.”


Shadowblaze: “Wait! I can teleport! Can I teleport past the bots?”
Rachel: “You’ve been able to teleport this whole time?!”


Rachel: “It’s rainin’ bots! Hallelujah! It’s rainin’ bots!”


Rachel: “Crunch all you want, I’ll make more.”

L.J.Steele 05-12-2019 07:14 PM

Re: Memorable Quotes.
That GURPS Space Game:

[Felger] Can we use forensics to figure out when the array was compromised?

[Dallan] Considering how far from the sun we are (takes off glasses dramatically) I think this is a cold case.

Later -- the PCs have picked up a faint SOS while on a recon mission and are discussing whether to respond.

[Dr. Ashita, PhD] -- You know my position. It's none of our business. Let's do our job here and get out.

[Dr. Alaunus, MD] -- It may be an automated signal. It would be convenient if they were all dead.

[Dr. Ashita] -- When _I_ say things like that, you all object. When the doctor says things like that, no one complains.

[Dallan] When he says that, he doesn't sound hopeful.

[Yes, no living survivors -- apparently a hitherto unknown local starfaring race's survey ship crashed between 1 and 5 years ago. We checked out the wreck and used Ashita's nanite anti-forensic swarm to clean up any traces we'd been there.]

Kalzazz 05-14-2019 09:30 AM

Re: Memorable Quotes.
The DM liked it enough to quote it, So!

Polly "New plan, if friendly people tell us horrible monster lives in river we do not hang out there to conduct a session of parliament."

Mark Skarr 05-19-2019 05:13 PM

Re: Memorable Quotes.
GM: “Everyone make a fright check. And make one for your characters as well.”


GM: “Through a complicated series of events, the floating rock-head-arm creature has managed to not only disarm the thug, but is now wielding his submachine gun. I think that calls for another fright check.”


Brooke: “My nametag appears to be in some, strange, moon-person language.”
Kay: “You’re looking at it upside-down, stupid.”


Brooke: “Does anyone know what ‘SbHF6’ is?”
Kay: “Sounds delicious.”
Brooke: “It says ‘fluoroantimonic acid.’”
Kay: “Sounds dangerous.”


GM: “The door opens to show a pair of restrooms to either side.”
Brooke: “Ooooh, I need a few minutes. I think it’s been a couple hundred years since I’ve peed.”


Brooke: “Boobs can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.”


GM: “What kind of maid are you, Brooke?”
Brooke: “The kind that’s seen too many Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.”


Brooke: “We will give each of them a steak knife and tell them ‘it’s dangerous to go alone.’”


Brooke: “Take ten, they’re small.”
GM: “They’re not that small.”
Brooke: “They’re small, but very, very fast.”


Peppermint: “You didn’t have to fight those rats!”
Brooke: “She didn’t have to fight them, but I did!”

Fred Brackin 05-26-2019 08:58 AM

Re: Memorable Quotes.
"Life in the Planes is horrible. Air that can make a dwarf sick and monsters trying to carry you off and drown you in ooze!"

"Da. We haven't left Sigil yet either."

"Where's your sense of adveture?"

"Somewhere between Waterdeep and Neverwinter on the other side of that magic door."

Mark Skarr 05-27-2019 10:34 PM

Re: Memorable Quotes.
Backblaze: "Lordy girl! What do you have against pants?"
Rosea: "Your obsession with garments is neither amusing nor endearing. My skin can deflect 20mm cannon fire."
Chromethia: "So can mine. I also am not in possession of these 'pants' you are so fond of."
Backblaze: "Yeah, but you're a robot, she's a teenager!"


Backblaze: "OW! Jumping in water hurts! Who'da thunk it?"
Rosea: "People with a rudimentary understanding of Physics."


johndallman 05-29-2019 03:15 PM

Re: Memorable Quotes.
DM: "No, fifty points of damage is after quartering."

Player: "Arggggggh!"

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