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RevBob 02-13-2014 12:13 PM

Known bug: Stock statuses
Without getting too deep into the weeds on this one, the main website's product pages are still tied to the old e23/W23 stores, which are no longer being updated. We are currently focused on fixing the problem by updating the core "product availability" module to use the new store instead of the old ones. That way, we don't have to make a host of manual changes that just end up needing to be undone later. Naturally, that update has its own place on the list of priorities, and there are some problems that outrank it.

What this means for you right now is that the product pages may show a product as (un)available when it's not. We are aware of this, and there is no need to report it as a bug. In all such cases, trust what the new store says.

More to the point, some newly-released products may not show up on Today's release, the Deluxe Wheelie PDF for Car Wars, is affected by this problem. If the bug is still in place when the next issue of Pyramid is released, that section of the site will also be affected. And so on...

I don't like it either, but that's the way of things at the moment. Once the two key modules get updated, the site will snap back into sync, as it was before. (Only better.)

And yes, I'm aware of the old "e23" graphics that need to get updated. Very aware. This is very much a case of "fix, then polish" - the functionality has to come first.

RevBob 04-22-2014 02:34 PM

Re: Known bug: Stock statuses
This should now be fixed. If you see a stock status that does not look right, please email me with a heads-up and a link to the product page. (Not the W23 page, but the SJGames or WorldOfMunchkin page that features the product information.)

RevBob 05-12-2014 12:36 AM

Re: Known bug: Stock statuses

It seems that some older, out-of-print products didn't make it over to the new store's database, and thus their pages on SJGames and WorldOfMunchkin now show a status of "In Production" and a price of "Free!"

This is exactly the sort of bad information I need to know about. As noted above, please email me so the problem can be fixed. If something is genuinely in production, it will have a price. Furthermore, no product with a 10-digit ISBN (starting with "1-") is in production; we moved away from that labeling to either 13-digit ISBNs or 12-digit UPCs a few years ago.

In addition, there may be other problems we haven't found yet, or that crop up as we continue to adjust these complex systems. So, in short - if you find any case where the stock status on the SJGames or WorldOfMunchkin site does not match what's shown on Warehouse 23, please don't speculate about it, or start a thread and hope the right people will see it. Send me an email, so I can track it down.

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