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Engurrand 11-05-2016 03:51 PM

Inventions, Bugs, and Weirder Bugs
Is there a supplement which offers an expanded list of randomized major and minor bugs for mundane inventions?

The basic set has a random bug table, but it indicates it is for inventions of higher TL, (and it appears to be only major bugs? I'm not sure). What about inventions of the same TL? Of course, the GM can make things up, but random tables are fun.

The basic set also has a random weird science side effect table, which is great. Does there exist an expanded set of these, like the alternative critical spell failure tables in thaumatology, but for weird science? The problem is that weird science should stay weird, and the necessary limit to 15 possible outcomes on the 3d range will wear out it's weirdness if your game includes lots of weird science rolls.

If there is not a Pyramid article for these things I'll eat my shoe, and then I'll invent them. "Forces to eat shoe" would be the first weird science side effect.

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