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YankeeGamer 11-09-2019 03:22 PM

Paranoia--a campaign idea
I had an idea for a Paranoia campaign that I gave up on when I had to move. (Game system optional--could be almost any.)

Back in the Old Reckoning, some knew that things were going to get bad, and packed some insurance. Unfortunately, there was a system malfunction, and the emergency system got activated much later than it was supposed to.

A small team (The PC's) awakens from long term cryogenic suspension. They are Old Reckoning elite troubleshooters, and a real team. Their mission: To rebuild civilization. They have reliable equipment and lots of it, trust each other, and are good at what they do. They also have security clearance RED by the time they get woken up. Clone availability optional.

Of course, a lot of their equipment is beyond their clearance, or just plain illegal at any clearance. (Laptop computer that isn't integrated with THE Computer, for example.)

They have minimal knowledge of Alpha Complex, but a lot of other knowledge. Depending on what the players chose to play, they may have gaps in their understanding.

I considered adding a Secret Society, "Guardians of Forever" who watch for The Saviors From The Past. Of course, this being Alpha Complex, that is seriously messed up. One faction is aligned with the Trekies, as the saviors must be time travelers. Another has Savior confused with carious Old Reckoning religious literature, and so forth.

Anyone wants to use this idea, have fun!

AOTA 11-11-2019 08:08 PM

Re: Paranoia--a campaign idea
Cool idea. Sort of The Morrow Project meets Paranoia. Sounds fun.

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