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Oldpreach 08-20-2018 11:00 PM

A very basic new player question.
Hi again,

To damage a monster in the stash, do you need a card that specifically says "damage monster in stash" as some cards do, or can it say just damage monster ? Leg breaker Joe is a good example. Squish him to deal 3 damage to monster. This would be very useful against a very dreaded monster currently in your opponents stash.

Andrew Hackard 08-20-2018 11:27 PM

Re: A very basic new player question.
As long as the monster is face up, it's a valid target.

Oldpreach 08-21-2018 07:42 PM

Re: A very basic new player question.
Thank you Andrew. That's going to shake things up a bit. Really enjoying the game with the kids. We have been liking Munchkin over the years, and this is a very fun and funny addition !

Btw, thanks for all your work, and especially with Ogre. Really like what's happened with Ogre since 2013. Great looking product. Very well done remake/revamp

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