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jason taylor 02-17-2021 08:51 AM

Suggest an adventure:
I'll start.

The Vilani reinforcements are arriving for the climatic battle. The PCs are part of a team designed to sabotage it. The means: a virus newly invented that is compatible with Vilani comms systems. Upon being activated by a code word given by a picket from the Terran fleet the Vilani link will be corrupted. While all Terran ships (hopefully) will have access to whatever any other has with due allowances for processing and time lag, the Vilani will only be operating on their own sensors. If the PCs succeed they could decide the upcoming battle and maybe the war.

Mike Wightman 02-18-2021 03:07 AM

Re: Suggest an adventure:
In a starport tavern a selection of morose looking individuals are nursing their food and drinks.

The toilet door is opened violently and two people engaged in some sort of fisticuffs fall across the nearest table.

A third figure emerges from the restroom area and holds out a hand weapon sized object.

Who is your character in this situation? Where do they come from? What do you do next?

J Crocker 02-24-2021 12:43 PM

Re: Suggest an adventure:
Or, start with a completely mundane stopover routine - check for cargo or passengers or whatever they do on every other world.

Then something out of the ordinary happens, but minor. A vehicle fender-bender or the like. Information is exchanged and everybody drives on, normal routine resumes, the players think 'random encounter' and forget about it.

Our ref did that to us, so we were surprised when a day later a group of local police units pulled over our rental air/raft. Turns out the driver of the other car in the fender bender had taken something and left it at a crime scene for the local police to find, they were happy to pin the warehouse theft on offworlders.

Turns out, the items stolen from the warehouse had previously fallen off a grav truck into the waiting arms of a local crime boss, and he wanted his stuff back.

Henchman99942 03-15-2021 03:48 AM

Re: Suggest an adventure:
Ship's crew has a meeting to deliver cargo to a low-tech world - a religious monarchy. The monarch is actually from the empire - raised in a high tech society and sent to this world to help steer them to the right path.

The ship arrives, but the monarch doesn't answer. An old style radio signal is sent from the planet, someone claiming to be the monarch's assistant says that there was an attack on the capitol and the monarch is injured, unconscious and unable to make the meeting. The assistant is willing to continue with the deal and sends coordinates for the ship to land.

The PCs have to decide whether or not to meet with this assistant. They could try to gather information by landing elsewhere and doing some legwork to find out the score.

jason taylor 03-20-2021 03:50 PM

Re: Suggest an adventure:
Such and such a world lies in an uneasy state of neutrality between This Interstellar State and That One. It is naturally swarming with spies.

A given person which your side has taken an interest in has been abducted. He is in the dungeon waiting to be renditioned. You are under orders to rescue him. If you get caught, Your Side regrets the fanatical zeal of naive citizens who of course were not under any orders to do such a thing.

Variation. The prisoner is the bad guy. He is about to escape and does not wish to be rescued.

Variation. The PCs are the guards of the prisoner.

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