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ttias 12-27-2019 03:17 AM

Scavenged, warhammer KoM question
or rather a general question based on that card.

The product page for the munchkin warhammer age of sigmar kill-o-meter (wow, that is a long name) shows a card called ĒscavengedĒ that has me confused.

Itís an item enhancer that you can played on items belonging to an other army than the one you have..

But isnít this true for all item enhancers. I can play them on any item, but if there are any restrictions I canít use the enhanced item (without a cheat, hipster or similar).

And for the general question. Is this applicable for races, classes and similar categories, or is this a special rule for armies.

Andrew Hackard 12-27-2019 11:04 AM

Re: Scavenged, warhammer KoM question
The intent is that it makes the Item usable; I see that I didn't make that explicit on the card. I'll note that as an erratum.

It is limited to Armies.

ttias 12-30-2019 01:34 AM

Re: Scavenged, warhammer KoM question
Thanks for the clarification (and all good work and cool cards).

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