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philreed 03-27-2020 05:24 AM

Go here to join other players and gamemasters!

Shostak 03-27-2020 12:16 PM

Re: Discord
Is it me, or is it just that Discord lives up to its name by being chaotic? I see all kinds of TFT channels, but few with any focus readily apparent. Somebody want to read me in by PM?

hcobb 03-27-2020 04:37 PM

Re: Discord
Expected schedule:

#twm-general-chat chain gang adventures Tomorrow evening and alternate Saturdays thereafter.

#adventure-1 Seems to be ongoing

#adventure-3 Washed ashore on the mysterious Proc island. To be continued whenever the players show up. They haven't gotten very far as so far they don't know Jack.

#adventure-4 Will start up soon-ish. Evil (er ill-behaved?) sorceress has transformed the villagers on the island into anthropomorphic animals (or has she?). The players must investigate and resolve the situation.

#adv-6-tollenkars-lair-spoilers Donno when this will start.

JustAnotherJarhead 04-03-2020 10:21 PM

Re: Discord
Alll the channels are active at various times, the Adventure channels are very stagnant as of right now, apparantly the players have JOBs, which has proven a bit diffcult to maintain a playing schedule in the various Adventure rooms, it just needs more player participation.
50 states in the union, plus Internationals, and we can't seem to get 5 people together at

ParadoxGames 04-04-2020 07:39 AM

Re: Discord

Originally Posted by Shostak (Post 2316276)
Is it me, or is it just that Discord lives up to its name by being chaotic? I see all kinds of TFT channels, but few with any focus readily apparent. Somebody want to read me in by PM?

Hi there. On Discord I'm Tollenkar, and I run the server. Firstly, I'd like to thank Phil Reed for 1) posting a thread inviting people to the server, and 2) making it a sticky topic. None of this was necessary, so I express my gratitude.

The server has grown significantly over the past two months. This is due to increased interest in Discord members who own the game to play The Fantasy Trip by post with others who are separated by a great distance. This is awesome, but it added a lot of channels to the server, which can confuse new (or long-time) members.

I'm planning to write a guide to the server itself. In the meantime, I wanted to answer some of your question to help new members get started.

Channels are grouped with related channels in categories.

If you're new to the server, you may choose to only use the WELCOME and MAIN groups. Most of the non-game activity occurs in MAIN, and WELCOME contains the rules and basic information for new members. Many of the channels' names are The Fantasy Trip themed (one is #bendwyn-square, for instance), so PC users can read an explanation of any channel they enter at the top of the Discord window. Here is an overview of the channels in WELCOME and MAIN to help you get started:

  • summons: This channel greets members when they join the server.
  • welcome-to-cidri: Information and the server's rules; every member is urged to take a few minutes to read this.
  • news: This is the server's changelog.

  • tft-arena: The main channel, for discussion of 1) TFT, or 2) Anything Steve Jackson wants when he's around.
  • dungeon: for either 1) off-topic discussion, or, 2) TFT discussion when there's an active discussion in #tft-arena, so people don't disturb an active discussion thread.
  • gallery-on-topic: for posting images related to TFT.... gameplay photos, art, or your collection, for instance.
  • seeking-players-and-games: A place to find or request local or online players.
  • tft-fact: For discussion of real life facts about TFT, such as crowdfund campaigns, Illuminator posts, or new product information.
  • rules-discussion: This channel is for people with rules questions. One way I use this channel: I've used this channel right in the middle of a game when I didn't know what to do, and a few people are usually online to help out immediately.
  • house-rules: for sharing/talking about deviations from rules-as-written.
  • virtual-fnordcon-planning: This channel was created to help Steve Jackson brainstorm with members about FnordCon.

There are things to do to mute or ignore channels you're not interested in using. I can explain to members who are interested.

Restricting yourself to these channels until you're comfortable with the server should help. The community is made of TFT players, which is synonymous with passionate, helpful, and friendly, so they'll answer any questions. If you have any questions or need help while there, I always answer correspondence sent on Discord by PM/DM.

To those who visit: I hope you enjoy the server!

Shostak 04-04-2020 09:06 AM

Re: Discord
Thanks! This was very helpful.

ParadoxGames 04-07-2020 05:23 AM

Re: Discord
Great! I'm glad it helped to clarify the TFT Discord world. The server is equipped with hex maps with its individual hex IDs and virtual dice, so players who can't get together in real life can set up their real games at home and play-by-post, the way people in the Avalon Hill era played their games with remote opponents by mail. There has been an increase in members playing TFT online, especially with member HCobb involved in three simultaneous campaigns (!). There is one channel group called "Adventures", and each adventure has three to four channels:
  • adventure-n (n is the number of the adventure)
  • adventrue-n-gm-screen: only the gm of the adventure can see this channel.
  • adventure-n-maps-and-stats: for player cards, maps, and other charts to be easily accessed.
  • adventure-n-discussion: for non-game talk by players or spectators.

Adventure-2 is reserved for games of Death Test, and adventure-6 is for a game of Tollenkar's Lair, which is being planned at the moment. Both are marked that there will be spoilers, so those who haven't played those modules (like myself) may avoid reading things that reveal secrets of those games.

There is always room for new adventures. Whenever the final set of unused adventure channels gets taken, I set up a new vacant adventure channel set. Since there's been a lot more people playing TFT live on the server in the past 2 months, the ADVENTURES channel group has gotten large and maybe even bewildering. I'm considering breaking up each adventure into its own channel category.

One thing that I like about the #Adventure channels is that when a scenario is through, you have a real-time record of the excitement of a TFT game as it actually happened. It's the equivalent of an annotated chess game. Members can scroll back to the beginning of an adventure log and read it.

If you're looking for adventure now is a great time to visit. You may try to gather people (either your own friends or existing members) to play a new adventure, or request to join one in-progress.

David Bofinger 04-09-2020 12:05 AM

Re: Discord

Originally Posted by hcobb (Post 2316309)
#adventure-1 Seems to be ongoing.

#adventure1 is approaching its ending, but I suppose it's still possible to join.

ParadoxGames 04-09-2020 05:42 AM

Re: Discord

Originally Posted by David Bofinger (Post 2318027)
#adventure1 is approaching its ending, but I suppose it's still possible to join.

I've been following #aventure-1, and it has been getting very suspenseful. If the campaign closes, just leave it there for others to be able to visit & read your journey. Anyone who wants to start a new adventure may move into #adventure-1.

You're never obliged to do do, but it would be totally mint if after the adventure, you wrote a summary and post it to the channel as a .pdf attachment. I'd love to read it.

Terquem 04-10-2020 10:52 AM

Re: Discord
I just joined and...

I am overwhelmed. This might take me a while to understand.

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