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Shostak 02-16-2020 07:51 PM

TFT Bling
After seeing the little octopus decals on the Decks of Destiny shipping box, I realized there is a piece of TFT paraphernalia missing from what is on offer: great big stickers with which to bedeck my laptop computer, car windows, water bottle, banjo head, bagpipes case, office door, etc. It has to be a Danforth art. Octopus for starters.

Just sayin'.

bat 02-17-2020 10:12 AM

Re: TFT Bling
These would make great swag as a reward for running TFT in public, like Goodman Games does for running DCC in public.....*

*not just saying that because I'm about to run TFT in a bar, if I was worried about swag I'd go back to DCC. 😛

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