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scuba1125 09-06-2014 07:00 PM

List of all promo cards
Below is a list of all the promo cards and their various forms that I know of.

Unless mentioned otherwise, all cards are full-color art, with the Spyke logo and URL at the bottom.

Here are some other lists to help all the completionists out there:
Accessories and Such

[Blank] Curse [D]
[Blank] Monster Enhancer [D]
...In a Booster Chair [D]
1/3-Breed [D] (mono, no URL) {from Rigged Demo}
Angry Bards [D]
Awful Green Thing [D]
Billiard Ball of Nonexistence [D] {from Target Deluxe}
Boa Constructor [D]
Book Wyrm [D] {Dragons}
Brick-Built [D]
Cash Cow [D]
Curse! Bring Along a Third Wheel [D] {Love Shark}
Curse! Cat Nap [D] {Kittens}
Curse! Schooled By Mr. Fanny! [D]
Curse! Shadowcat! [D] {GAE}
Curse! Shattered [D] {GAE}
Curse! Unjustly Accused! [D] {Oz}
Curse! Zombification [D] {from Target Deluxe}
Cut in Line [D]
Dracolick [D] {Dragons}
Ear Worm [D]
Evil Stevie Changes the Rules [D] (mono, no URL)
Feet Cheat [D]
Foot Soldier [D]
Frankenstein's Mobster [D]
Game Mechanic [D]
Hangdog [D] {Puppies}
Henchmonster [D]
**Henchmonster [D] (no URL, no icon)
**Henchmonster [D] (diff URL) {from Target Deluxe}
Hipster Hireling [D] {Hipsters}
Hireling: Cavalry Captain [D]
Hireling: Das Mustache [D] {Legends GAE}
Hobbled Goblin [D] {Pathfinder}
Hostile Jester [D]
Jobs Goblin [D] {Pathfinder}
John Kovalic Draws a Wandering Monster [D] (mono, no URL)
Man in the Moon [D]
Merchant Hireling [D]
Mug the Shopkeeper [D]
**Mug the Shopkeeper [D] (mono, no URL, Dice icon)
Mystic Correspondence [D] (mono, no URL)
Nativity Scene [D] {X-Mas}
Nexus Demon [D] {GAE}
Oil Derek [D]
Open the Vault [D]
Pegasus Steed [D]
**Pegasus Steed [D] (mono, no URL)
Plastic [D]
Pub Knight [D]
Richard [D]
Robin Hoot [D]
Rollback [D]
Sand Witch [D]
Santa's Little Elvis [D] {X-Mas}
Sir Francis Bacon [D]
Sketchy [D]
Slime Girl [D] {Legends GAE}
Stacked Deck [D]
**Stacked Deck [D] (mono, no URL)
**Stacked Deck [D] (diff URL) {from Target Deluxe}
Step-and-a-Half [D]
**Step-and-a-Half [T] (mono, no URL, Dice icon)
Tame [D] {Oz}
The Big Red God Did Not See the Unspeakable Thing You Did to His Slippers [D] {Kobolds}
The Last Laugh [D]
**The Last Laugh [D] (mono, no URL)
**The Last Laugh [D] (diff URL) {from Target Deluxe}
Tip [D] {Oz}
Touched By Cthulhu [D]
Twisp & Catsby [D] {Penny Arcade}
Ultra Munchkin [D] (mono, no URL) {from Rigged Demo}
Unholy Cow [D] {Pathfinder GAE}
Zombie Hireling [D]
The 2015 Munchkin International TableTop Day Dungeon of Superior Shopping [Du]
Warehouse 23 [Du] (W23 icon)
[Blank] GUAL [T] (no URL, no icon)
...Of Smiting! [T]
Battering Ram [T]
Caster Oil [T]
Cheat with Both Hands [T] (mono, no URL) {from Rigged Demo}
Cloak of Anonymity [T]
Clockwork Dragon [T]
Club of Fighting [T]
Conan Helps Out [T] {Conan}
Deodorant Stick [T]
Eat a Worm (GUAL) [T] {Spell Skool}
Eat Santa's Cookies (GUAL) [T] {X-mas}
Exit, Pursued By a Muskrat [T] {Shakespeare}
Flower Power [T]
Get Promoted (GUAL) [T]
Ghost Hands [T]
Go Down a Level (GUAL) [T]
Go Up a Level (GUAL) [T]
Grin and Tonic [T] {GAE}
Hare Spray [T]
Houndstooth [T] {Puppies}
I Beat a MIB! [T]
Lie to Your Own Webcam (GUAL) [T] {Guild}
Lighter of Smiting [T]
Lightning Bolt [T]
Loose Cannon [T] {Pathfinder GAE}
Mistakenly Modified Moop! [T] {Moop's}
Mourning Star [T] {GAE}
Outwit Tio Rico (GUAL) [T]
Play a "Go Up a Level" Card (GUAL) [T]
Portable Hole [T] (mono, no URL) {from Rigged Demo}
Rescue Conan! (GUAL) [T] {Conan}
Scaler [T] {Dragons}
Scroll of Secret Door Detection [T]
Seasoned Greeplings [T] {X-Mas}
Shop at Your Friendly Local Game Store [T]
Start a Munchkin Legend (GUAL) [T] {Legends}
The Gun [T] {Skullkickers}
The Luggage [T]
Tower Shield [T]
**Tower Shield [T] (*errata* 'no hands')
Venison Benison [T]
Wand of Dousing [T]
Water Resistant [T]
Wishing Ring [T]

Shapeshifter [D] (no URL, Finn icon) {AT2}
Grass Sword [T] (no URL, Finn icon)

Bear Grills [D]
Disaster! Alpacalypse [D]
Disaster! Duck Season![D]
Monster By Mail [D] {GAE}
Asplode Their Heads [T] {Mars Attacks!}
Hello Carrier [T]
I Am the Law!! (GUAL) [T] {Judge Dredd}
Jawbone Radio [T] {GAE}
Love Thy Neighbor [T]
Penetrate Alien Disguise [T] {Mars Attacks!}

Duckbeard [D] {GAE}
Ship to My Loo [D]
Shortbeard [D]
Weirdly Bearded [D]
Ten-Galleon Hat [T]
Wind Lass [T]

Behind Door Number 3 [D]
Cult Membership Card [D] (no URL)
**Cult Membership Card [P]
Cultist (Goomi) [D] (no URL)
Cultist (Kovalic) [D] (no URL)
Curse! Revealed Cult Secrets [D] {GAE}
Curse! Shuggoth Shuffle [D] (no URL) {from Cursed Demo}
Curse! Step on a Non-Euclidean Brick Toy [D] {GAE}
Embrace the Madness [D] (no URL) {from Cursed Demo}
**Embrace the Madness [D]
Evil Ted [D] (no URL)
Madness! Pyrophobia [D] (no URL)
Monstrous Heritage [D] (no URL)
**Monstrous Heritage [P]
Research Assistant [D] (no URL)
**Research Assistant [P]
Mi-Go Mind Switch [P] (no URL) {from Cursed Demo}
The Stars Are Cruel [P] (no URL) {from Cursed Demo}
**The Stars Are Cruel [D]
Trade Character Sheets [P] (no URL) {from Cursed Demo}
Whim of the Elder Gods [P]
[Blank] GUAL [T] (no URL, no icon)
Igor Ichor [T] (no URL)
Lovecraft Fan Fiction Collection [T] {GAE}
Miskatonic University Honorary Degree [T] (no URL)
My Little Cthulhu [T] (no URL)
Octomaid [T]
Sucker Punch [T] {GAE}
Wishing Ring [T]

Fairy Dust-Up [F]

Banzai Tree [D]
Grouching Tiger [D] {GAE}
Made in Hong Kong [D]
Mook: Hidden Muskrat [T] {GAE}

Duck Holliday [D]
[Blank] GUAL [T] (no URL, no icon)

Duck In Black[D]
Phlegm Fatale [D]
Train Training [D]
Swiss Passport [T]

"By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!" [D] (No URL, Marvel logo)
Deadpool [D] (No URL, Marvel logo)
Trap: Howard the Duck [D] (No URL, Marvel logo)
Deadpool's Taco Truck (GUAL) [T] (No URL, Marvel logo)
Infinity Gauntlet [T] (No URL, Marvel logo)
Peter Parker [T] (No URL, Marvel logo)
X-23 [T] (No URL, Marvel logo) {X-Men}

Pumpkin King [D] (no URL, Jack icon)

Friendship Potion [T]
Potion of Mwahahahaha [T]

Annihilation [Dx]
Troll [M] (cardboard card)
Healing Fountain / Troll Booth [R]
3D Glasses [T]
Raincoat [T]
Revealing Costume [T]

Rick & Morty
~~Risotto Groupon [D]

Ale-ien [D]
Flash Gorgon [D]
Khan Artist [D]
Sidekick: Space Family Peralta [D] {GAE}
Space Geek [D] {GAE}
Super Munchkin [D] {GAE}
Trap! Panic! [D]
Glazer [T]
Heart of the Anomaly [T] (no URL, no icon)

~~Space Goblin [D]
~~Surnoch [D]
~~Wrikreechee [D]

Professor Tesla's Electrical Protective Device (pat. pending) [D]

Action Cat and Adventure Bug [D] {GAE}
Electrocutey [D]
Onomatopeon [D]
Sailor Bacon [D] {GAE}
Sidekick: Awesome Bear [D] {GAE}

Nightmare [M]

Draw 2 Treasures! [T]

[Blank] [D] (no icon)
**[Blank] [D] (no URL, no icon)
Axe Cop [D]
**Axe Cop [D] (no artist sig)
Curse! Dead Two Rights [D]
Zombie Santa [D]
[Blank] [T] (no icon)
**[Blank] [T] (no URL, no icon)
Dead Wood [T]
No Guts, No Glory [T]
Pitcher of Cheap Beer [T]
The Wisperers (GUAL) [T] (no URL, TWD icon, "hands" art)
The Wisperers (GUAL) [T] (no URL, TWD icon, "busts" art)

[D] = Door
[Du] = Dungeon
[Dx] = Deus Ex (Quest)
[F] = Fairy Dust
[M] = Monster (Treasure Hunt / Quest)
[P] = Promo
[R] = Room (Quest)
[T] = Treasure

"~~" designates latest additions

Enzzo 09-06-2014 08:37 PM

Re: List of all promo cards
Ooooh, I don't have a Grass Sword :) Do want!

gingerfairie21 09-06-2014 09:03 PM

Re: List of all promo cards
This is great!

I can finally have a proper check list.

Now if only someone had one for the Bookmarks :)

scuba1125 09-06-2014 09:25 PM

Re: List of all promo cards

Originally Posted by gingerfairie21 (Post 1810491)
This is great!

I can finally have a proper check list.

Now if only someone had one for the Bookmarks :)

The completionist in me has its limitations. That being said, once the promo card itch has been sufficiently scratched, I may work on a bookmark list some day :)

UncleBob 09-06-2014 10:52 PM

Re: List of all promo cards
Off the top of my head, the Warehouse 23 Dungeon is missing.

scuba1125 09-06-2014 11:18 PM

Re: List of all promo cards

Originally Posted by UncleBob (Post 1810528)
Off the top of my head, the Warehouse 23 Dungeon is missing.

It's there, just buried in the middle of all the fantasy cards. It splits the doors and treasures.

I should probably split them up a bit more, so it's easier to look at. I'll try to get to that in the next couple days.

UncleBob 09-06-2014 11:48 PM

Re: List of all promo cards
Ah, I see it now. :D

ReversedPolarity 09-10-2014 12:31 PM

Re: List of all promo cards
What a great list! What do the ** indicate?

gingerfairie21 09-10-2014 10:26 PM

Re: List of all promo cards
** mean there are multiples of that type of card.

scuba1125 09-11-2014 03:23 AM

Re: List of all promo cards
Correct. I didn't like the way the list looked, so I used **.

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