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43Supporter 01-08-2020 02:53 PM

Rhinebeck Air Museum, And _CW_
One of the "gags" from _RASG 1_ is: The Rhinebeck Air Museum not only survives, but the WW2-era acft. have been converted to powerplants, and are occasionally used to deal with Local Nuisances Of The Two-Wheeled Variety.

I did some research, and was reminded of just how darned lightweight some of those WW2 acft. were, esp. the European designs -- a Hawker Hurricane is ~7,500 lbs, about the max. wgt. of a Cargo *Microplane*; a Spitfire weighed maybe 6,000 lbs. Compare this to the "flying brick with the hefty throw-weight" P-47 (takeoff wgt. *17,500* lbs.).

Trying to make some of these acft. in _CW_ -- yeah, pass me the Motrin.... :)

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