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evileeyore 03-05-2016 02:26 PM

Re: Walking around with drawn bow

Originally Posted by Hellboy (Post 1985865)
Can't see prolonged knocking and walking unless you were trying to threaten someone but hesitant to harm them.

The prime use for keeping an arrow nocked while walking is remove draw time (and not have to roll Fast-Draw). Most useful when you are either stalking prey, or are pretty sure prey is "right around here somewhere" and may have to draw and fire in one action.

When I was hunting with a bow, the only time I kept and arrow 'nocked' was bow fishing with a crossbow.

PseudoFenton 03-06-2016 05:02 AM

Re: Walking around with drawn bow

Originally Posted by evileeyore (Post 1985727)
If it's a Compound Bow I wouldn't assess any penalties


Originally Posted by Refplace (Post 1985735)
A modern Compound bow

Yeah, I don't use compound bows, I consider it to be cheating - but they are significantly easier to hold at full draw. I'd allow one of those to be held at full draw for a lot longer before causing issue.


Originally Posted by Walrus (Post 1985774)
What about keeping your Aim? When aiming with a bow, how hard does one have to draw it?

If you're aiming, its at full draw - you want to be able to sight up and loose right away, otherwise you'd shift as you drew and undo all of that careful sighting up you just did.

That said (unless you mess up) if you're firing a bow properly, you'll always draw all the way in one motion. Some trick shooters may find it useful to loose on partial draws, but they'll still draw to the same point for each shot and so will still "aim" (not that they do so in the GURPS sense) whilst "fully" drawn for them.


Originally Posted by Refplace (Post 1985848)
Keeping an arrow knocked I can buy, though its still a little awkward but you draw in one smooth motion.

Yeah, you draw with both arms anyway and can do it from a "prone" bow stance (as in the bow is by your side). Skipping the step where you have to draw the arrow saves you a little time - but costs you both arms and limits your body posture a little (you need both arms to move as one and to hold the bow and string etc).

If you're just skulking about slowly looking for something to shoot, and want to shoot as quickly as possible, then this works fine. If you want to run around and interact with your environment in anyway, then its entirely impractical.

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