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ericthered 01-30-2017 05:07 PM

Lost in Dreams (Michael)
Michael dreamed strangly that night. Most prominent in his dreams was a great floating rock. Or perhaps island was a better word. it certainly had enough vegetation growing on top of it to count as one. And those weren't just small bushes, but great trees. Perhaps a better term was a mountain. It hung in the sky, above a floor of clouds, with nothing supporting it.

Then he dreamed of a box. The box glowed in a dark room, resting on a rough but even stone surface. The box was made from ivory or some white plastic, with various geometric designs on it.

He dreamed of a ship, flying through the sky. The ship had three masts: two to the side and one on top. The men on it kept watch as the ship sailed through the air, cutting through clouds.

He woke to a stiff breeze blowing on him. And the feeling of plants. He was naked and outside somehow. Above him were green leafy trees. below him were bush-type plants, and at least one rock.

A strange bug lands on his chest. Its about the size of his hand, but looks like a butterfly with wings colored in contouring bands of black and white. Its lands fairly heavily. And moistly. Its quite wet, and he doesn't feel any legs, just one contact patch. If he looks, the creature will look a good deal like a snail with wings.

Friendpmcii 01-30-2017 07:26 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)
Michael thought to himself as he started standing, What an odd dream, and with a sudden shudder heard Real. Ok, I guess not. Where are my clothes?! Noticing there is no one around he responds At least no one can see me, what is this? picking the slug softly from his chest so as to not harm it. This is interesting. It would oddly fit into the dream, these suctions can cling the bottom of flying ships.

What an odd dream. What does it all mean? I'm guessing I'm on a floating rock of sorts, but what was that box? Michael try's to remember the box and find meaning out of it. Then kneels and prays I don't know what I am doing hear but please help me to do thy will. He then stands up and looks around to get an idea of what is around I need clothing, and find something to provide modesty.

EDIT: Well singing The hills are alive, with the sound of music.. aaaaaaaaa. bum bum bum bum, dada da daa.aa The hills are alive with the sound of musick. hmmmnnmmnnnnmmmnnn. lalalalalal.

[likely roles: dreams (memory) 11, and Religious Ritual 10 for the box. Theology 13 and Meditation 11 for prayer. Observation 12 and Scrounging 12 to look around and find things. Singing with (Penetrating Voice for the words I know) to sing, he knows the notes to it all.]

(ooc: start and ending of prayers are shortened on posts out of respect)

ericthered 01-31-2017 08:45 AM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)
After he picks up the slug, it takes off from his hand, flapping its wings.

He thinks about the box. He doesn't know what's in it, and it doesn't match the description of any box he's heard about previously. A glowing box in a dark room? there are some metaphors that matches. But why now? right before he shows up on a floating rock.

He is indeed on a floating rock. A barren floating rock, maybe 20 feet across. There are scrubby bushes on it, but nothing with large leaves. Or food. There is quite a bit of vegetation though, and he can strip that off to make coverings -- though he's not sure how warm it is.

The sky near him isn't quite empty: there are four or five floating rocks off in the distance. They seem bigger than this one. Perhaps.

Friendpmcii 01-31-2017 09:55 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)
(ooc: starting from when he starts singing)

Michael looks around to see the hills as he sings, and it does not take long for the lack of hills to become apparent.
The hills are
His face grows wide as he see's there is very little around, then his mouth suddenly smirks upward,
hahahahah Michael looks up to the sky and reply's You never cease to amaze me. Thank you. HAHAH., Then in an excepting mood he sais I guess I will just wait hear, best I prepare.
Michael looks at the maybe 20 feet island and decides to taste a verrrrrry small amount of the most common food looking plant. Lets see, last time I did this it gave me runs for two days and turned out to be poisonous, He take off a part about the size of his penky fingernail. Maybe if I eat a lot less I wont have diarrhea for so long, should it not be edible.

Lets see that should help with developments on the food issue if I am to try to survive off the food hear. What can I do for clothing. This does not look like lettuce. Maybe I can try to weave some of these twigs onto something as well. Michael gets to work seeing what he can do, eying the butterfly just encase it decides to fly off the island. If that thing can reach some where then that may be the best spot for to try to reach. Then he starts singing as he gets to work, More holiness give me, more striving withing. More mmmmmmmmmmm more sorrow for sin.....

ericthered 02-03-2017 01:38 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)
Michael sings until his throat feels a little dry. He could use some water...

He does his best, but he knows he's pretty much guessing.

The "most edible" part of plants around here are the roots. Except they aren't really roots: they're knobs where the plants attatch to rock. His first guess is bitter, rough, and irritating. He's not sure if the bad taste in his mouth is because its bad or some other reason.

He's working on getting something woven from vines, the bad taste still in his mouth, when he sees something floating up from the clouds below. It appears to be quite large -- perhaps the size of the rock he was floating on. But it had some sort of flexible pipe at the bottom -- or was that a trunk? The whole thing seems oddly alive.

OCC: survival roll result not public.

a 6 vs IQ-5 (default professional skill (weaving)) = success! gives a half decent garment he can wear.

Friendpmcii 02-03-2017 10:03 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)
Michael Keeps his mouth closed as he hums another song to the tun of 'praise to the man'. Wow, this tastes worse than when I ate the poison flower bulb. He looks up at the Living rope? What is with this dirt, I can't be leave it taste's so bad.

Michael crawls over to the edge of the island, shuddering at the thought of thrillingly jumping off. Any chance there is a rope at the base of this one as well?

Well ether way that thing is my ticket out of hear, as long as its not hear to eat me. Michael gets ready to jump off or look for the best opportunity to jump on.

ericthered 02-06-2017 09:43 AM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)
The thing floating up is too far away to jump onto: its at least a hundred yards away, and probably more.

The rock he is on is shaped like a ball. He can't see the bottom to tell if there is a rope, and crawling to the edge fills his brain with blood. He can tell that even if there is a trunk or root or whatever dangling for 40 yards below this object, like the other one, he won't be able to jump in such a way as to catch it.

below him is nothing but clouds. And those are a long way down.

Friendpmcii 02-07-2017 06:46 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)
When/if the possable rope is in range Michael ties a knot at the end, Don't want to fall off, I hope this doesn't hurt. He then trys to start climbing.

In the meantime he decides to experiment with the dirt. The first experiment is if the dirt can float on its own, first above the rock, then tossing some off. The trick with off the rock is to see if gravity pulls it back to the center, and if so then a leaf is tried next. This could prove strides of research later on gravity. Provided it is gravity and not the dirt, or maybe something that interacts with the dirt. the bad taste still seems to linger on. Maybe a Cristal, like in that book by Jim Butcher. If he still has time he considers if there where plants on the side as well as he checks the strength of the bushes currently up, in case diging for such Cristal could turn him upside down.

Well performing the experiential ideas, almost as an after thought, he calls up to the object with a hole Maybe its for hearing Is anyone up there with a rope to let down!

ericthered 02-09-2017 08:54 AM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)
Scrounging for dirt reveals-- very little. He can find films of dust on things, and comes up with what might be some dirt. He chucks it off the edge. He thinks it goes right down towards the clouds.

The surface of his rock has a lot of plants, but he diggs far enough past them that he finds the surface of the rock. Its surface is smooth, like a well worn pebble or polished stone floor. The shape, however, is full of contours, ridges, and patterns. It takes a good deal of searching to find a loose piece. He finally finds one under some particularly stubborn plants, whose roots seems to have loosened the rock.

The rock is shaped something like a wide doorstop. It doesn't have the weight he was expecting: it feels more like plastic or a light ceramic by weight. He throws it off the edge, and it goes up into the air... and keeps going... Its not falling. It is moving, and slowing down, but it hangs in the air as well as the rock he's sitting on.

The plants are quite stubborn. Not all of them can bear his weight, but at least kinds of vines and a species of push aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

The rock with the trunk isn't moving, just hovering at Alexander's current level, the trunk slowly expanding and contracting, as though it were breathing. Its a good 50 yards or more away from him.

Friendpmcii 02-09-2017 06:48 PM

Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)
Michael smiles as he try's to grab the rock back. OK, all I need to do then is loose some pounds and I can make the difference. Michael starts by gathering the 'maybe edible food' he had decided to test and deviding it against the non-edible part.

But he stops midway to pray about his plan and then, if he still feals at peace about it, continues moving to toss every other possible branch off, making sure that he does so equally on all sides. Stopping when it starts to go up and taking a few more off when it is no longer rising.

When he floats to the pipe he takes some time to examine it. Well also seeing if he can get more details about what it is sticking out of as well as it's surrounding area. Careful to not clog the breathing tube.

Glad to feal he solved an important problem, He hums the chearfull toon of "We are all inlisted till the conflict is over"

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