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GranitePenguin 01-27-2020 07:24 PM

One Page Bulge: Combined Combat?
It's not clear in the Combat section if you are allowed to combine attack strength from multiple hexes when attacking. When combining attacks, it does talk about the stack in a single hex, but can you attack from multiple hexes at the same time to combine fire on a single target hex (eg, like in Ogre)?

Section 8.3 doesn't say anything about limiting from an individual attacking hex, so I'm reading that as any hex within range (ie, adjacent) to the target hex can be involved in the attack.

Rolando 02-10-2020 08:52 PM

Re: One Page Bulge: Combined Combat?
I fail to see anything specifically prohibiting it, so I would allow it in my games. It also make sense up to a point.

But then there is the 8.1 paragraph. It demands that you attack all enemy adjacent units unless those units are across a river or the would be attacker is in a city.

That means you can't use two stacks to attack a single one if there is another stack adjacent to the "supporting" stack.

Example: Attacker stacks A and stack B are adjacent to defender stack C but defender stack D is adjacent to B also. you have to attack C and D somehow, so A attack C and B attack D. If you have multiple units in B you may assign one or more to attack D and the rest to "support" A to attack C.

At least according to 8.1

It may be a bit complicated and you may forget to attack some adjacent stacks, so you have to pay attention and be sure you don't let some adjacent stacks unattacked (that doesn't seems to be a word) if able before resolving each attack.

This also means that if you have multiple defender stacks adjacent to a single stack you may need to make multiple attacks if you have more than one unit in your stack. Remember units in a stack may attack different hexes.

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