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halosammy 10-12-2017 09:55 PM

Nightfall Chronology
The exact location of the Nightfall campaign is a little hazy, so I decided lay out what we know in order to make an educated guess.
  • Paneurope still exists at the time of the campaign.
  • The final mission takes place in the Sahara, placing the general combat area in Afro-Eurasia.
  • The Descartes Revolution has happened, placing the timeline at 2087 or later.
  • A few Mark IV’s are featured, meaning that the Combine has enough of a presence in the area for their Ogres to get jacked.
  • The first mission takes place close to the frontlines of a battle with another party, likely the Combine.
  • Only one major engagement on Paneuropaean soil has occurred since the Descartes Revolution, which is the Combine invasion of 2092.
With that said, I think that the Nightfall Campaign takes place parallel to the Combine’s defeat of Paneurope, as it fills in several confusing details. First of all, the presence of Huscarls and Paneuropean Mark IV’s can be explained away as some Huscarls must have been taken out of storage, as well as Mark IV’s captures in South Africa as reserve units while the Doppelsoldners, and Fencers were deployed against the main invasion force. It would also explain the noted lackluster response to the invasion by Paneurope, as a failure to fend of the Combine can be explained as the consequence o frantically trying to put down an Ogre uprising in its heartland.

tldr; Nightfall takes place in 2092.

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