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Denizen 01-08-2011 08:38 PM

The British Warehouse 23
I have an idea for an 1960s British spy genre game where various agents are striving to find and acquire what's in Great Britain's answer to the Americans' Warehouse 23. Now I'm seeking ideas for vintage British artifacts and items preferably from the 1960s Sci-Fi and Horror stories which could have conceivably taken place.

Just some basic guidelines:

1. Try to keep it 1950, 1960s, 1970s and British.

2. Avoid artifacts from Doctor Who. It’s too easy.

Some ideas I've come up with so far are:

-Various tissue and bone fragments from various giant sea-monsters in and around the North Sea. (Gorgo and Reptillicus). The real-life monsters were more vulnerable to conventional weapons and were reduced to shreds in the battles with the British Navy.

-A crashed UFO, with the corpse of an alien pilot, which are two being s fused together, and the resulting dream-machine that came out of the alien technology (Miracleman).

-A apiary of aggressive honey bees that are drawn to adrenaline, acquired from a madman on Seagull Island, and now used by the masters of the Warehouse as assassination tools. Included is also evidence that pop-star Vicky Robbin’s overdose on heroin after the incident was not an accident. (Deadly Bees)

-An energy/matter converter with storage cell, now perfected and used by the warehouse masters as a source of unlimited energy through the conversion of their garbage. Its teleportation properties still have kinks in them. (The Projected Man).

-A cylindrical capsule misidentified as a German V-2 rocket found during an excavation of the London subway, which unknowingly contains the crystallized remains of insectiod martians that altered primitive humans. Give it a source of energy and the ship will give certain individuals around it martian genetic memories, telekinetic powers and a mindless compulsion to use said powers to kill everyone who isn’t affected. (Quatermass and the Pit).

- Various sketches and letters from missing nobleman Sir Clive Folliot torn from 19th century newspapers which state that after disappearing while searching for his twin brother in Africa, he found a portal to a strange otherworld termed by the prisoners within as the Dungeon. (Philp Jose Farmer’s The Dungeon).

- A collection of live and dead rodents of unusual size captured after resulting in a danger of deaths. The two-headed rat “king” is still being studied for military applications. (Jame Herbert’s The Rats Trilogy).

- A capsule containing a large mycoplasma. Warnings on the capsule state if released homicidal madness and suicidal thoughts may result. (James Herbert’s The Fog.)

-A vial of dried blood and signet ring from Dracula after his death in England ( Hammer films Dracula movies)

-The embalmed remains of a six year-old child stabbed through the heart by long ornate stiletto daggers. The accompanying notes identify the remains as the son of Jeremy Thorn who was found stabbed to death by his distraught father in All Saints Church in London after the death of his wife, and that his chromosome is like that of a Canis mesomelas i.e the common jackal. Even embalmed, there is a look of surprise on the corpse's face. (The Omen)

tshiggins 01-08-2011 09:39 PM

Re: The British Warehouse 23
An ancient scabbard sealed in a reliquary, along with the tattered remains of a flag that bears the device of a red dragon. The reliquary is surrounded by all sorts of spectrometers and other devices to detect energy, and marked as an item of considerable interest to the British military. An accompanying dossier mentions that it somehow deflects kinetic energy in its immediate proximity.

A large cylindrical object made of a lightweight metal or ceramic, that resembles a spotlight or projector. Instead of a lens, it has a bright parabolic mirror set within a cavity that points out of one end.

A bowl of silver and blue glass, inlaid with Celtic knotwork, half-filled with a clear, glimmering liquid.

A salvaged sign, circa 1935, mounted on a wall, that reads, "Capital Laundry Services."

A tall, thick crystalline column. Within it can be seen the vague outlines of a human figure.

Several sets of space suits made from a material that resembles aluminum and red lycra. They have been punctured by automatic weapons fire.

On a nearby shelf, sealed containers hold samples of a translucent green liquid.

An old road sign that reads, "Dunwich, 30 miles."

Fragments of a metal plate, coated with a thin layer of shiny metal on one side, sits atop a rack. The shiny-side is down, and the metal plate is attached to the rack with heavy clamps. The rack itself is bolted to the floor.

A misshapen skull sits on a shelf, that looks like a bizarre mutation of human and dog. Next to it on the shelf is a water-stained leather-bound diary with a handwritten title, "The Journal of Edward Prendick."

A small crystalline key mounted in brass sits on a shelf. It bears a hand-written tag marked, "prototype." Beside it are two dried flowers of unknown origin, but possessed of considerable beauty even in their dried state.

(Note: I'm trying to think of things that I don't recall seeing in the background of the frames in "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." That said, you could make a really good start on the contents of the British Warehouse 23 by simply cataloging what appeared in the pages of LoEG that took place in the British Museum.)

Agemegos 01-08-2011 10:27 PM

Re: The British Warehouse 23
• A 16th-Century snare drum decorated with the arms of Sir Francis Drake

• A jar of very fine seeds with dandelion-like fluff and a vial of highly-fluid pink-tinged oil, both labelled "Arctic & European Fish Oil Co."

Agemegos 01-08-2011 11:54 PM

Re: The British Warehouse 23
• "Ancient hauberk, date of the sixth century, time of King Arthur and the Round Table; said to have belonged to the knight Sir Sagramore le Desirous; observe the round hole through the chain-mail in the left breast; can't be accounted for; supposed to have been done with a bullet since the invention of firearms—perhaps maliciously by Cromwell's soldiers."

Ed the Coastie 01-09-2011 12:10 AM

Re: The British Warehouse 23
A large cylinder containing an apparently dormant ambulatory plant. (Day of the Triffids)

Artifacts salvaged from the Martian invasion. (The War of the Worlds)

A signed copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. (Harry Potter)

A vial of serum with biohazard signs and labeled as "Rage virus". (28 Days Later)

(OK, so "28 Days Later" and "Harry Potter" are technically after the time period mentioned...but I thought I would toss them in there anyway just for fun.)

Agemegos 01-09-2011 12:23 AM

Re: The British Warehouse 23
• A battered cardboard archival box, labelled "Matthew Gore, debriefing". The contents are two reels of audio tape.

quarkstomper 01-09-2011 01:02 AM

Re: The British Warehouse 23
A large wardrobe, made of apple wood.

A small box containing two rings made of an unknown material: one yellow and one green.

A large potsherd of a dirty yellow color, dating around the 4th Century BC, bearing a lengthy inscription painted on the convex side in uncial Greek. On the other side has been written several other notes and signatures in Greek, Latin and English, including a doggeral couplet: "In earth and skie and sea / Strange thynges the be." Along with the potsherd is a parchment with a translation of the inscription in Latin and in English.

A dossier labeled "Manor Farm" containing photographs of a small farm. There are not humans visible in the photographs, and they seem to show animals performing farm chores by themselves. A couple show pigs walking on their hind legs. Words have been painted on one side of the barn, of which the most legible reads: "All Animals are Created Equal."

A classified scientific paper entitled "On the Less-Observed Properties of Solar Radiation" by Professor Edwin Rolles Weston

Rocket Man 01-09-2011 02:04 AM

Re: The British Warehouse 23
A towel. Stuck to the terry cloth is a label that seems to have peeled from a book, the letters DON'T P... can be made out.

RevBob 01-09-2011 02:07 AM

Re: The British Warehouse 23
A boulder, normal to all appearances aside from a fairly small slot. If probed, the internal dimensions suggest the blade of a sword.

I'm tempted to suggest some relics from several of the Bond or Holmes stories, but those strike me as too easily obvious.

Agemegos 01-09-2011 04:12 AM

Re: The British Warehouse 23

Originally Posted by RevBob (Post 1103422)
A boulder, normal to all appearances aside from a fairly small slot. If probed, the internal dimensions suggest the blade of a sword.

I'm tempted to suggest some relics from several of the Bond or Holmes stories, but those strike me as too easily obvious.

Maybe Professor Presbury's serum from The Adventure of the Creeping Man would be suitably obscure.

I also thought of a sample of the lichen from Trouble With Lichen would be good, but i can't find my copy of the book, and can't remember fictitious binomial classification for it.

Some of the spores from The Puffball Menace or John Blackburn's A Scent of New Mown Hay.

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