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Niewodnik 10-28-2017 09:04 AM

Munchkin - The Super Awesome Munchkin of Digital Awesomeness
I don't even know why did noone post this yet, but let anyone not yet aware, know that:


Asmodee Digital released info about it earlier today, and i am freaking out. It does not say it will be online or anything like that, stating only that they just closed the deal with SJGames and they assume the game will come out somewhere in 2018.

I am actually totally shaken, because that's the thing i've been waiting for YEARS. YEARS i say. The implication of that decision would be tremendous and as far as i'm concerned it would yield LOTS of fun (and ways to spend our money, which brings "special items topic" to my mind).

What are your thoughts?
Were you waiting for this like me, or are you preparing your pitchforks and lighting the torches to get rid of Steve's emporium?

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