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Terquem 04-20-2018 01:40 PM

In the (Lego) Labyrinth
I have saved some photos taken with my phone of a battle I tried to set up today between a seven-hex dragon (in this case he occupies one mega hex) and his Dragon Sorcerer friend against five heroes

The Dragon Sorcerer and his minion, Bargradok (a seven-hex dragon, in this case a mega-hex) face off against a group of heroes. The warrior carries a torch, and the wizard is holding the staff of life

The battle about to begin (A Drop box shared image)

The Dragon Sorcerer

The Heroes

All of the Minifigs are standard figures, and the Dragon Sorcerer comes from the new 40th anniversary series

The dragon is from the 3 in 1 builder set 31032

marctabyanan 04-20-2018 03:04 PM

Re: In the (Lego) Labyrinth
This is GENIUS!

JLV 04-21-2018 04:48 AM

Re: In the (Lego) Labyrinth
i must say, well done, sir!

Might I suggest a name change? "In the Lego-rinth?" ;-)

Buzzardo 04-22-2018 11:30 AM

Re: In the (Lego) Labyrinth
I have to admit: That's cool. :)

Chris Goodwin 04-22-2018 02:41 PM

Re: In the (Lego) Labyrinth
Related: Lego compatible hexagonal base plates for minifigures.

Prootwaddle 04-22-2018 09:28 PM

Re: In the (Lego) Labyrinth
I love it! A very creative way of staging a TFT game!

Terquem 04-25-2018 02:13 PM

Re: In the (Lego) Labyrinth
Our full service plotter was finally replaced, and I re plotted the 17x22 sheet of paper, so that now it shows the correct line thickness for the MegaHex

I'll try to get a new photo up this weekend.

Also picked up a Lego Bear and a Lego Alligator!

Steve Jackson 04-25-2018 09:01 PM

Re: In the (Lego) Labyrinth
So how did the game go? Do the rules still work? :)

Terquem 04-26-2018 11:03 AM

Re: In the (Lego) Labyrinth
The game went surprising well! It was fun, and at times a bit weird

The rules are very easy to follow (though we had to make up a few additional rules to satisfy our own little issues). One of the first things we wanted to establish was what should be the MA for a Halfling (still referred to as Hobbits in my copy of Wizard, wow) without resorting to TFT:ITL books – we settled on an unadjusted MA of 8

Here are the stats for the Figures for the dragon battle

The Heroes
1) Jeron Dancrow (Human) ST 13, DX 11(8), IQ 9 – MA 6
a. Shortsword (2d-1), Dagger (1d-1), Chainmail 3h/A (MA=6, -3 DX)
2) Rhogran the Grim (Human) ST 14, DX 11, IQ 8 – MA 10
a. Battleaxe (3d), Shortsword (2d-1)
3) Enarine Talonstar (Elf), ST 11, DX 14(12), IQ 8 – MA 10
a. Horsebow (1d), Dagger (1-1), Leather 2h/A (MA=10, -2 DX)
4) Philnor of White River (Human), St 10, DX 12, IQ 13 – MA 10
a. Staff of Life (1d) – For 2ST can Heal 1d+2 ST (IQ 10) – useable one time per figure
b. Spells: Staff, Slow, Clumsiness, S Wolf, Shadow, S Bear, Control Animal, C Wall, Freeze, Fireball, Blast, Stone Flesh, Stop
5) Avanette Nerwyf (Halfling), ST 7, DX 14 (12)(15), IQ 8 – MA 6
a. Light Crossbow (1d), Dagger (1d-1), Leather 2h/A (MA=6)

The heroes each have one attribute point of advancement and the Staff of Life, a house rule created magic item that can be used one time on each hero to restore some lost ST. the total ST for the party is 55, which is below the 68 total strength of the Dragon Sorcerer and his minion, unfair? We'll see

1) Dragon (Bargradok) ST 60, DX 14, IQ 20 – MA 8/20
a. Claws (2d), Breath (3d), Tail
2) Dragon Sorcerer ST 8, DX 14 (10), IQ 10
a. Dragon Armor Claws (1d), 4h/A (MA=8)
b. Spells: b. Spells: Magic Fist, Blur, Slow Movement, Drop Weapon, Image, Confusion, Fire, Trip, Dazzle, Shock Shield

Rules questions before we started – It seemed that the Light Crossbow and Heavy Crossbow were a bit strange, requiring a higher than normal DX to fire every turn. Shouldn’t that be ST, we wondered? And as we wanted our Halfling to be armed with a Light Crossbow, we created a “Halfling” sized version, doing 1-1 damage, and requiring a ST of 7 to use. We used a house rule that if your ST was 2 higher than the minimum required to use a crossbow, you could load and fire it every turn by deducting 1 MP from your available MP that turn.

I’ve always wondered if the required AdjDX for higher rates of fire for bows is reasonable, and if it might be better to allow a second arrow to be fired with a negative (-4) adjustment to dexterity for each shot (making it in line with the melee attack with two weapons).

Things that came up when we were playing

It seemed that the -2 to AdjDX when you take 5 or more hits in one round works great for figures that have 8-20 ST, but doesn’t work all that great for figures with high ST. We saw that the hero figures could do 10+ damage to the dragon in one turn, but this only resulted in a -2 overall Adj DX penalty (keeping to only the Melee and Wizard rules). So, we added a rule that imposed an additional -1 AdjDX to a figure for each additional 5 points of damage taken. We also argued a bit about whether or not a dragon should be knocked prone by taking 8 hits of damage in one round. We decided that the dragon should get a save, 3d against AdjDX when it takes 8 damage to avoid being knocked prone, and the number of dice increases to 4d at 16 hits, 5d at 24 hits (and on, though we never actually saw the dragon take more than 17 hits in one turn).

Another question that came up during play, which was directly related to using 3d models for the figures, was if it was reasonable for the dragon to suffer the penalty of having to “roll to miss” interposing figures when using its breath weapon. After all, the dragon’s head is quite high, and should have an unrestricted aim at any target it wants to spit fire down upon. In the end, we decided that the -1 to AdjDX for each hex was a sufficient obstacle to pulling off a successful breath attack (combined with the 5 ST cost) to agree that the dragon did not have to “roll to miss”

We played the game as a “group effort” with everyone playing having input on what each figure might do during the round.

When I have more time I’ll type up how the game went turn by turn.

JLV 04-27-2018 02:19 PM

Re: In the (Lego) Labyrinth
That sounds like it was a lot of fun!

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