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Tyneras 12-22-2014 06:08 PM

[Deadly Spring] Elven Essential Wood Bow
Various Assumptions
1. I am using Douglas Cole’s “Strongbow II” technique.
2. An elven archer has ST 12 and Strongbow II technique 10, allowing them to use a bow with Min ST 22.
3. As far as bow materials go, the only difference between normal and essential wood is x3 Breaking Stress.

This started as an effort to design a custom bow for the Elven Empire. The Empire has the alchemical infrastructure to equip its archers with essential wood bows (I used European Yew as the base). Since the only thing I changed was tripling the Breaking Stress, I was able to have much thinner, more efficient bows.

I ran the numbers by hand and using the spreadsheet, and since they agreed I assume I didn’t break anything. Still, I may have misunderstood something, so if I misused something let me know.

I based the design somewhat off the elf bows in the Hobbit movies after discovering that, due to the rather flat damage curve of The Deadly Spring, there wasn’t much difference between full size longbows and short bows at this end of the curve. Bow is 48 inches long, 6 inch riser and 42 inch working length, reflex design, N=1, bow thickness 0.75 in, Fine (Accurate), 528 Joules. I just used the default arrow design.

Bow Stats
Draw Weight: 240 lbs
Min ST: 22
Draw Length: 30 in
Cinematic Damage: 3d (2) imp
Realistic Damage: 2d (2) imp
Acc: 3
-1/die dmg range: 243
1/2D range: 425
Max range: 760
Weight: 0.9/0.16
Bulk: -6
Cost: Undecided.

I rather like The Deadly Spring, and think it's fantastic for making weapons for non-standard users.

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