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Axly Suregrip 06-28-2019 05:46 AM

Re: Least Useful Spells

Originally Posted by Skarg (Post 2271054)
It is a trade-off, but it seems to me that using a staff to defend or hit things should for most wizards be a last resort, and considering not having a staff to do those things with a big problem seems to me more like an indication the wizard might be wise to put more attention into avoiding getting into such a situation, than it is a case of "oh no, I can't hit things and defend with my staff" - because the situation where you need to do things, should for most wizards be an "oh no! must avoid!" whether they have a staff or not.

Yes I was agreeing with this premise. I was saying the downside of loosing the staff is easily circumvented by drawing another weapon. And carrying a club may be enough.

Still not a fan if I have Staff 2 or higher.

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